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The way angler fish reproduce is actually pretty cool.The female is the larger of the two.So the male bites into the female and feeds off her until they grow into them.Once they are a part of them they secrete the sperm and the female gets pregnant.The male then dies and becomes extra flesh.The female then lays eggs and after so many months they hatch.

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What is an angler?

An angler is a person who fishes with a hook and line, or an angler fish.

What are angler fishes enemies?


What is the name for someone who fishes?


One who fishes with a rod?


What defense does the angler fish have?

The Angler Fishes defence is hiding in the deep from their predator

What do you call a person who fishes for a hobby?


What is a person who fishes called starting with 'a'?

A person who fishes is called an angler. It begins with the letter a.

What do you call a person who fishes beginning with the letter a?


Do barracudas eat angler fishes?

Not exactly. Angler fishes live on the bottom of the ocean, so I don't think a barracuda would be able to swim that far down.

What is the light on an angler fishes head called?

illicium or esca

What fishes produce light in the deep ocean?

fish like angler fishes produce light in deep oceans to attract small fishes

What is the light on the angler fishes head for?

To see and attract fish in the dark

What are angler fishes survival skills?

Sharp teeth and dark skin.

How do angler fishes give birth?

Like most fish, angler fishes lay eggs. They give birth in deep ocean water, where it is very dark. The male latches onto the female and stays that way.

What do deep-sea angler fish eat?

All the Angler fishes eat worms,earthworms,slugs and thing they find in water.

What are some Fishes that begin with the letter A?

Arawana, Auratus, Angel, Albatross, Angler

How many times in a year does an angler fish reproduce?

About 30

How do fishes reproduce?

by laying eggs

Do fishes reproduce sexually or asexually?


What kind of fishes is make light in sea?

Angler fish. Also, some octopi can glow.

What countries are angler fishes located?

Mostly in the very deep waters of the Atlantic oceans and the Indian oceans.

How does an angler fish eat seabirds?

they jump out of the water as the bird swoops in for food and snap he is the fishes dinner

What causes angler fishes to light up?

I believe it is a chemical/biological reaction. A desire to catch and eat its prey. The light attracts inquisitive creatures and the angler fish gobbles them up.

What is the tem used to describe fish that migrate from freshwater to saltwater?

anadromous fishes - live in ocean reproduce in freshwater or catadromous fishes - live in freshwater but reproduce in saltwater amphidromus fishes - move between fresh and saltwater for non-reproductive reasons

Why angler fish emit light?

The angler fish usually live very deep in the sea so the fish need light for to find it also help the fish to attract small fishes to eat.