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Because they have thick fur.

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2010-06-02 06:44:08
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Q: How do animals adapt in cold regions?
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What are animals that adapt in the cold?

I guess you could possibly say that a White Hare or a Polar Bear are animals that have adapted to the cold. Or Bald Eagles. Their up in the windy regions of the U.S.A. so I think Bald Eagles count as animals that adapt to the cold.

How do animals adapt to life in cold deserts?

Animals adapt to life in cold desserts by burring underground, in the sand, to stay warm.

Cold region animals names and photos?

names of animals in cold regions

How do animals adapt to cold weather?

Some animals have thick fat and blubber on their bodies which help them adapt to the cold while others have thick fur

How do animals adapt to the cold?

Because of their fur. It keeps the warmth in and the cold out

How can animals adapt to a very cold environment?


How do the people in very cold regions adapt?

They wear a very thick clothing

What animals are found in cold cold regions?

There are many animals found in the cold regions. Some of these animals include seals, penguins, sea lions, walrus, polar bears an many more.

How do cold blooded animals adapt to the cold weather?

they dont need to because they are cold blooded

How Do Animals Adapt To Different Environments?

Animals adapt to there environment by fur/What's there for instance polar bears live in the cold so they need fur although not all animals do have fur if they live in the cold.

What do animals have to adapt to in the savanna?

No hiding places and heat or cold

What animals can live in cold regions?

Polar bearsSealsPeguins

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