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How do antibiotics help us with viruses?

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They do not help unless they are given to treat or prevent a secondary bacterial infection, such as secondary bacterial pneumonia in the case of the flu, skin infections from scratching measles lesions, or other related secondary bacterial infections.

Antibiotics are only effective for treating or preventing bacterial infections. There is no equivalent drug for use in viral infections. Other than careful hand washing and other preventive precautions, prevention with vaccinations is the way to avoid viral infections for many of these conditions, but not all, such as the common cold which does not yet have a vaccine for prevention.*

*The viruses of the common cold mutate very quickly and easily and, before a vaccine can be developed and produced, the virus has already changed making the vaccine no longer useful before it is even put to use.

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Why do antibiotics do not help teat viral infections?

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, they have no affect on viruses. Vaccinations treat viruses.

Are viruses treated with antibiotics?

No because antibiotics are ineffective when it comes to viruses. Viruses don't respond to them. sometimes it can help stop what pain your in, but it doesn't go away.

Would a antibiotics drug help if you had a cold?

no because antibiotics fight off viruses not colds

Do antibiotics kill viruses?

No, antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses.

What happens to viruses when you take antibiotics?

Viruses are Not killed with antibiotics need antivirus antibiotics

Why would antibiotics not help if you had a flu?

Influenza is a viral disease and antibiotics do not affect viruses, only bacteria.

Are viruses responsible for influenza?

Yes, viruses are responsible for influenza. That's why antibiotics don't help when you have the flu.

How do antibiotics affect viruses?

Antibiotics have a very special purpose when it comes to dealing with viruses. Antibiotics are meant to fight off viruses.

Why antibiotics wont help a viral sore throat or a common cold?

Antibiotics kill bacteria. They do not kill viruses.

Are drugs helpful against viruses?

Some drugs (analgesics) help relieve the pain of viruses. However antibiotics cannot help viruses as they only kill bacterial infections.

What are the differences between bacteria and viruses?

Bacteria: Bacteria can be killed by antibiotics. Bacteria is larger. Bacteria can reproduce from the life cycle. Viruses: Viruses cant be killed by antibiotics. Viruses are smaller than bacteria. Viruses cant reproduce without help from a host cell or organism.

Can you take antibiotics to cure viruses?

No. Antibiotics kill bacteria which are very different from viruses.

Can viruses be cured with antibiotics?

No. Antibiotics kill bacteria.

Why antibiotics doesn't effect viruses?

Because antibiotics kill infections and viruses are not infections.Antibiotics have no effect when applied to viruses because antibiotics only effect on infections caused by bacteria (bacterium-single form). Viruses have their own "anti-virus" medicines, too. xD

Why are antibiotics effective against bacteria but not viruses?

because antibiotics Kill BACTERIA only and cant kill viruses. Viruses are different pathogens.

Why do antibodies work to kill bacteria but not viruses?

Antibodies within the body fight both bacteria and viruses. Antibiotics kill bacteria and not viruses. Antibiotics do not fight viruses because viruses are not alive.

Why are antibiotics unhelpful for treating that common cold?

B. Colds are caused by viruses, and antibiotics only kill bacteria

How are viruses destroyed?


Which pathogens are killed and not killed by antibiotics?

Antibiotics will not work in viruses.

How are viruses cured?

Antibiotics do not kill viruses.That is why we do not get medicine for the flu.

Why don't antibiotics cure a cold?

A cold is not caused by bacteria so antibiotics don't work on it. Antibiotics do not affect viruses like the cold or flu viruses.

How do human diseases caused by bacteria and diseases caused by viruses react to antibiotics?

Disease caused by viruses cannot be cured by antibiotics. Antibiotics ONLY work on bacteria.

What are antibiotics and what do they cure?

Antibiotics are medicines that cure infections. They have no effect on viruses.

Why are antibiotics not used on viral infections?

Antibiotics kill bacteria but not viruses.

Antibiotics can kill viruses?