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Archeologist use science & scientific principles to investigate using various geological,anthropological,biological,forensic,medical technology,architectural,survey,Metallurgy,cartography,meteorology,IT technology for empirical data and analysis

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What is Bill Nye's field of science?


What sub specialty of earth science studies ancient environments?


What is the duration of The Archeologist?

The duration of The Archeologist is 600.0 seconds.

What is the possessive form of archeologist?

possessive form of archeologist - archeologist's

Is Robert ballard a modern or a classic archeologist?

he was a modern archeologist

Other careers related to an archeologist?

Historian, archivist for a museum, and sociologist (cultural archeologist).

When was Louis Finot - archeologist - born?

Louis Finot - archeologist - was born in 1864.

When did Louis Finot - archeologist - die?

Louis Finot - archeologist - died in 1935.

When did Li Ji - archeologist - die?

Li Ji - archeologist - died in 1979.

If you were an archeologist are you able to advance or move up the lader?

Answering "If you were an archeologist are you able to advance or move up the lader?"Answering "If you were an archeologist are you able to advance or move up the lader?"

What do archeologist mean?

The archeologist is the term which is linked with scanning the past culture of the society which are no more among us.

Is this the correct spelling for archeologist?

As any proper dictionary will point out, this word can be spelled either "archeologist" or "archaeologist".

What are the release dates for The Archeologist - 1914?

The Archeologist - 1914 was released on: USA: 25 November 1914

Who looks for artifacts?

An archeologist

What do archeologist study?

Archeologist study culters from the past so that we can understand more how people lived back then from now

How do science teachers use science?

They use science toeducatechildren and to educate them self.

How do you use the word archeologist in a sentence?

The archaeologist discovered an ancient burial ground that dates back thousands of years.

How does a journalist use science?

They use computer science

How do firefighter use science?

how do firefighters use science

How much does a archeologist make?


What was Donald Johanson job?


Scientist that studies fossils?


Who was the first archeologist?

Frances Arosian

A synonym for archeologist?

A bone digger.

What is the English word of arkeologo?