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Asteroids formed from left over materials from when our solar system formed that never formed into a planet.

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Why do scientist think the asteroids will never form into planets?

asteroids are NOT round they are bumpy and do not form a perfect sphere. One of the criterias of a planet is it has to be perfectly round

Why don't asteroids have atmosphere?

Asteroids are too small to have enough gravity to prevent any atmosphere form escaping.

My buddies and I form a belt between Mars and Jupiter?

Between Mars and Jupiter is an asteroid belt.

Is there water on asteroids?

Yes. Water has been observed on asteroids in the form of ice. At the near absolute zero temperatures of space and asteroids the ice would have little volatility.

How did the craters form on the moon?

by asteroids that hit the moon

How did the asteroids form?

asteroids formed from small pices of rock and metal just like the rest of te solar system

What are asteroids and how do they form?

An asteroid is a small, rocky body that orbits the sun. Scientists now hypothesize that asteroids are remnants of the early solar system that came together to form a planet.

How did asteroids and comets form?

from small pieces of rock and metal

What are the rocks that form a path between mars and Jupiter?

The asteroids.

Where does an asteroid come from and how does it form?

Asteroids are big or small chunks of other planets that have been knocked off by other asteroids when they collide.

What is the densest form of interplanetary debris?

The densest form of interplanetary debris are asteroids. Asteroids are basically thick rocks that come together from the interplanetary dust and debris that sometimes fall to Earth.

Why an asteroid belt did not form a planet?

The asteroid belt did not form a planet because the asteroids do not have enough mass. Therefore the cannot create enough gravity necessary to attract other asteroids to create a planet.

How do craters form on the moon?

They are formed by asteroids and meteorites crashing into the surface of the moon

Why don't asteroids and meteors do not have a coma?

Because they do not have volatiles in them to form a coma as to comets.

Why haven't the asteroids formed into a planet?

because the asteroids orbit close to the sun and every time they do they heat up which makeds them unable to join particles and form a planet.

What do comets and asteroids not have in common?

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

How did the mountains form on the moon?

They are actually called craters, they were formed by asteroids colliding with the moon.

What is one good hypothesis why the asteroids did not form a planet?

jupeters gravity disrupted their formation

What bodies in the solar system collided and combined to form earth?

Asteroids, Meteors, and comets

What part of speech is the word asteroid?

The word asteroid is a noun. The plural form is asteroids.

How do you spell asteroids?


What do you call the asteroids that wander in space?

Asteroids (or perhaps "rogue asteroids").

Why is the theorized that the asteroids did not merge to form a planet?

they are thought to not have merged to form planets due to Jupiters gravitational force preventing them from merging

How are meteors asteroids and comets the same and different?

well meteors are usually boiling like comets, however asteroids are usually a formation of gas and ice but they all form in outer space

How are asteroids and earth similar?

Scientist say that a large sum of asteroids did a big bang and the asteroids created the lava core in the center of the Earth, when the Earth spun the heat cooled down so that bits of rock and environment could form. So according to scientist asteroids created Earth. Basically he means that earth was made from rock

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