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The oxygen in a spacecraft is recycled through a chemical process that removes the carbon from the carbon dioxide we breathe out. Very much the same as the underwater "re-breather" that allows a Scuba diver to stay underwater for hours without carrying massive air tanks.

A more difficult situation would be if the air were somehow lost to space. That would be harder. But if the air leak could be patched, they could boil the water on-board to replace much of the air. While there would be an imbalance of lack of nitrogen, and an excess of hydrogen, the only ill effects would be that they will talk funny until they can return home.

It is also possible that they could use some of the oxygen that is used for the engines, but having too much oxygen content can cause other problems. The air we normally breathe is only about 20% oxygen.

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Q: How do astronauts produce oxygen in space?
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How will astronauts get oxygen out of space?

They need to take it with them. There is no oxygen in space

How do astronauts get oxygen in space?

Astronauts bring tanks of oxygen with them when they go into space. The space suits they use to make space walks also have small oxygen tanks on them.

How do astronauts get oxygen into space?

They carry it with them on board.

What type of oxygen is in outer space that make us use helmets?

There is no oxygen in space. Astronauts have to take oxygen with them.

Do astronauts wear space suites to protect themselves from sun rays or are used for oxygen?

yes. the space suit does protect astronauts for harmful rays from the sun

How and what do the astronauts breathe on the space station?

They breathe a combination of oxygen and niteragine gas in space.

Canwe breathe in space?

No, we cannot breathe in space because the oxygen level is very low. astronauts have to carry oxygen tanks to space.

Is there any difference between air and space?

air (oxygen) does not exist in space. that's why astronauts have suits with oxygen tanks.

What do astronauts use in space?

A suit, a rocket or brought oxygen maybe?

What is used in a space suit to keep astronauts on the moon?

gravity and oxygen

Why astronauts wear space suits outside spacecraft?

If they don't they will suffocate from lack of oxygen in space.

How do they breath in space?

The astronauts breath as they have an oxygen tank which they keep attached with their space suit.