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  • Like everyone else - Santa is not religious.
  • They celebrate Christmas with eating, drinking, getting together with friends. Much the same as they celebrate any ethnic or religious festival that involves eating, drinking and getting together with friends. Christmas is no more special than Wesak, the Eid, the summer solstice, Darwin Day. Pi Day or Hogmanay.
  • i dont belive in him but hey free presents! :D
  • Yes, atheists celebrate Christmas. We like to get presents just as much as Joe Christian. It is largely a secular holiday, what with all the commercialization of it.
  • Atheists can celebrate Christmas. To them, it is more of a tradition, and atheists do value traditions. Most people do not need religion, a god, or jesus to value the gift of giving and to value spending time with family.
  • There were festivals and celebrations at the time of the winter solstice long before there was a Christian church, for a couple of centuries at least before Jesus may have lived
  • Like everyone who celebrates Christmas they do it without god or Jesus, Tjey are, however, aware of this fact.

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Of course other people can celebrate christmas. Christmas is a tradition, and it is more and more celebrated by christians and atheists alike. Christmas has become much more of a family thing as opposed to a religious thing.

AnswerAtheists celebrate the birth of a child just like anyone else. They also celebrate birthdays just like anyone else.

celebrating any holiday is a personal choice. There are no rules saying Atheist's cannot celebrate it, but most do not seeing ad they don't believe in god

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