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By attacking their prey at night

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What is the little brown bats food for the winter?

how do bats get food?

Where do bats find their food?

bats find there food at the nearest select and save !

How does vampire bats find their food?

how does vampire bats find their food

How do tube-nose bats finds food?

how do tube nosed bats find their food

How do big eared bats find their food?

Big eared bats find food by using echolocation.

How can bats catch food at night?

Bats rely on something called Echolocation to find and catch food at night.

What do horseshoe bats eat?


How do bats find there food?


What senses do the bats use to find food?

Bats use their sense of hearing to find food. They use echolocation similar to dolphins.

What do young bats eat?

young bats eat mainly their mother food.

Why do bats have echolocation?

Because bats can not see well, and they need to fine their food.

Are bats eyes sharp?

Bats eyes aren't sharp at all!Bats are blind and sense their food with motion.

Why do bats fly at night?

Most bats fly at night because their food is out at night.

Are there bats in Antarctica?

No. There is no food chain for bats in Antarctica, and it's too cold for these animals.

How do vampire bats find food?


How do bats and dolphin find their food?

echolocation :)

How do bats capture food?

their mouth and feet

Do bats store food in their cheeks?

No they don't.

Do bats eat a lot of food?

No not really

Where are bulldog bats on the food chain?

because its an animal and every animal is on the food chain

Do vampire bats eat food or drink blood?

vampire bats are blind and drink blood

Do bats have a beak?

no bats don't have beaks they have a mouth that they use to eat food and they are also nocturnal

Where do bats have babies?

Bats have babies in caves. After a few weeks, baby bats cling to their mothers while the moms hunt for food.

Which direction do bats fly?

they have craz y for food

Is mosquito useful?

They serve as food for birds and bats

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