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The distance is measured on the time it takes the sound to return to the bats ears...

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Q: How do bats use echolocation to determine the distance of an insect?
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How does the Doppler effect help bats find food?

Bats use ECHOLOCATION'S TO NAVIGATION around barriers and to find insect to eat.

Is echolocation also known as infrasound?

No, infrasound is the frequency of sound that is too low for humans to hear, below 20 hertz, but is used for communicating by elephants and other animals. Echolocation is normally ultrasound, the frequency above our hearing range, higher than 20,000 hertz, and is used by bats and dolphins in echolocation.

What is one reason why bats use echolocation?

For the same reason we use light: to find out what is around us.

How can you measure distance with sound waves?

Animals such as bats project sound waves at objects and use the time until the perception the reflected wave to determine the distance of the object. This is called echolocation. Humans have used the same principles to develop Sonar technology, which is used primarily underwater to detect objects under water (we have radar and plain sight to detect objects in air).

How do bats use the Doppler effect?

A bat can tell how big an insect is based on the intensity of the echo. A smaller object will reflect less of the sound wave, and so will produce a less intense echo.The­ bat can sense in which direction the insect is moving based on the pitch of the echo. If the insect is moving away from the bat, the returning echo will have a lower pitch than the original sound, while the echo from an insect moving toward the bat will have a higher pitch. This difference is due to the Doppler effect

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How do bats use vibrations?

they use a sonar-like ability called echolocation to determine distance from objects.Read more: How_do_animal_bats_use_sound_to_see

How do bats use ultrasound to navigate?

They can hear high-frequency sounds that the bats make continually while flying . Bats can determine the direction and distance of objects in the area.This is called echolocation, each species of bat uses echolocation to make its own kind of noises.

How do bats keep from bumping into things in the dark?

Bats use echolocation to determine where they are going.

How could bat use reflections sound waves to determine distance to an insect?

Bats use the time of the sonar sound returning to them to determine distance from things, including insects. As the insect gets closer, the sound returns faster to the bat, allowing it locate the insect.

What is the importance of sound for bats?

Echolocation they send out a sound and via echolocation (like sonar) they determine their position and the location of their prey

How does the Doppler effect help bats find food?

Bats use ECHOLOCATION'S TO NAVIGATION around barriers and to find insect to eat.

What is echolation?

Echolocation is a sensory system in certain animals, such as bats and dolphins, in which usually high-pitched sounds are emitted and their echoes interpreted to determine the direction and distance of objects.

What is echolocation on bats?

Echolocation is when you use sound to locate where something is. Bats use it.

What do most bats use echolocation for?

Bats use echolocation to identify objects and where it is.

Do mega-bats use echolocation?

Yes, mega-bats use echolocation

What does the word echolocation mean?

Echolocation is how bats "see". It is basically the act of making a noise and using the returning soundwaves to determine where something is - it is essentially using echoes to locate something.

How do you use echolocation in a sentences?

Bats use echolocation.