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Heavy metals, and exotic metals, are poisonous and pollute food and water.

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Why don't you throw old batteries away?

Because it can pollute the only home garden of ours- the earth.

What are the Pros and cons of batteries?

cons are that the battery acid can leak and pollute earth and water.pros are they can power things eaisily

Do batteries pollute the air?

When people stick it in the whole to make children

What do wolves pollute?

Wolves pollute nothing. They only give to the Earth. Humans are the one's who pollute everything. >:<

Does urine pollute the earth?


What polutes the earth?

Many things pollute the earth, including us! Also, cars, factories and cigarettes pollute.

Do computers pollute earth?

Yes, they do.

Can kerosene pollute the earth?

it can on burning!

Can gasoline pollute the earth?


How can gasoline pollute the earth?

Yes, Gasoline can very much pollute the earth ! But is not considered a big cause of pollution in the ozone layer .

How cars pollute the earth?

The bad gas pollutes the earth.

What are ways to pollute the earth?

littering is very dangerouse to the earth

How do people pollute this earth?

There is a lot of different ways the people pollute the earth for example - Not recycling - The petrol that leaks out of a car - Littering.... Etc.

How do people pollute land?

People pollute land by littering, and spilling toxic waste on the earth.

How does air freshener pollute the environment?

It Contains Chemicals Anything Containing Chemicals CAN pollute the earth

Why should you not pollute the earth?

it will cause diseases

How are cars harmful?

cars pollute the earth

What kind of cars pollute the earth?


What does misuse of water do to the earth?

it will pollute the Earth and start Global Warming

Does livestock pollute the earth?

Livestock pollutes the earth through their excrement. This substance can pollute fresh water supplies. Livestock is a major source of pollution.

How can a yard sale help not pollute the earth?

When you buy something in a garage sale youa re reusing. This is one way the it doesn't pollute the earth.

Can talking pollute the earth?

No, because the trees need the CO2 which we breathe out when we talk to survive, so they take in the CO2 so it doesn't pollute the earth.

Does hydroelectric energy pollute the earth?

No, Hydroelectricity doesn't pollutes the earth because water is a renewable source of energy and will never run out so Hydroelectricity doesn't pollute the earth, but when dams or Hydroelectricity things that keep water out break down it will cause some smoke and will pollute the earth a tiny bit

How can you protect the water?

You can protect it by not littering and keeping our earth clean. Do not pollute our earth.

How does aluminum foil pollute?

how does aluminum effect the earth

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