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The hydrosphere refers to all bodies of water on the Earth's surface. Bush fires affect stream and river water quality. An erosion, which results from a bush fire can increase the turbidity of the water, which will negatively affect aquatic life.

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Hydrosphere affected by fire?

Well it depends on what you are talking about. Hydrosphere are certainly affected by fossil fuel burning causing global warming but fires does not affect the hydrosphere directly.

How do bush fires affect people?

Well bush fires spread and spread if they aren't put out, and eventually reach homes that people are in.

What are the impacts of bush fires?

fire fighters put out bush fires.

Do bush fires only happen in the bush?

Yes bush fires only happen in bush hence the name. But a fire can still be lit and maintain with out wood or 'bush'.

How can bush fires be abolished?

They cannot be "abolished". Only laws can be abolished. Bush fires can be prevented, though.

What damage can bush fires cause?

Depends on where the bush is.

What are the benefits of bush fires?

What are the benefits of a bush fire

Are there any bush fires outside Australia?

Yes bush fires occur around the world but are sometimes known as forest fires. They occur in hot weather and can be a natural phenomenon or man made (arson). Bush fires have occurred in New Zealand America Russia to name but a few.

What natural disasters can affect the composition of air in the enviornment?

Natural bush fires release carbon dioxide into the air.

What natural disasters can affect the composition of air in the environment?

Natural bush fires release carbon dioxide into the air.

Forest fires are also known as?

wildfires,bush fires etc

What is the Nature of bush fires?


What are the impacts on Bush fires?


How do population affect hydrosphere?


How does the sun affect the hydrosphere?

The sun's energy causes the hydrosphere to evaporate from the surface of the earth

Why does the UK not get bush fires?

Britain sometimes gets bush fires, or forest fires, but they are not very common, as the climate is often wetter. However fires in South Wales did £4.5 million damage in 2006 and 2007.

When did the Australian bush fires start?


What did Australian Kids have to do in the Bush?

light fires.

What are facts about bush fires?

bushfire facts

How does the hydrosphere affect the human population?


How did Pearl Harbor affect the hydrosphere?

It didnt

How many people get killed in bush fires?

It depends on how big the bush is and where the bush is

How does the water cycle affect the hydrosphere?

It changes temperature in water and the water evaporates which makes it effect the hydrosphere

How do the summer monsoons of India affect the hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere?

What is the difference between geosphere and biosphere?

When did the 2013 Australian bush fires start?