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If your cat has fleas and eats the fleas, they can get worms. Cats get tapeworms from ingesting fleas, which can happen when they are grooming.

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Q: How do cats get worms from fleas?
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Do Cats have worms?

Cats can have worms by licking another cat's rectal area, by biting and swallowing fleas (which turn into worms in the intestinal tract, or eating mice or other wildlife which might have worms inside them. Most cats get worms by the simple problem of fleas. Always treat for BOTH fleas AND worms.

Does the white worms in cats come from pork?

White worms in cats and dogs are probably tapeworm, which is spread by fleas.

How do house cats get worms?

House cats typically get worms from catching and eating rodents or from swallowing infected fleas. Kittens get worms from their mothers when they nurse.

Can skin irritation and hair loss be a sign or tapeworm in cats?

Not sure about worms, but it is a sign of fleas.

What other examples of parasitism?

There are several examples of parasitism in the world. A few are fleas on dogs, round worms in humans, and flat worms in cats.

What are bad about cats?

Cats scratch, they can contract fleas and/or worms, although most other animals can get worms and fleas as well. Cats also can vomit up fur balls. They can be lazy, don't come when called (unless you have food in your hand), don't give a heck to what you say. This is usually how cats are; they are not like dogs that can be easily trained.

Can cats get nits?

No, they get fleas. Fleas are cats and dogs Nits.

Can bird fleas live on cats?

No, bird fleas cannot get into cats. There are different kinds of fleas.

Do all cats have fleas?

No, not all cats have fleas. Fleas are just little tiny insects that live on the cat. Most properly cared for cats do not have fleas.

Can you get worms from your cat?

Any house cats can get worms, but it is incredibly unlikely for a human to contract worms from their cat. If a dog comes into your house and has a worm problem or has fleas, then that means that your cat can get worms. The dog gives the cat worms. Or the dog can give your cat's fleas which then feed off of the cat and lay eggs and when the cat licks his or her fur, they digest the eggs and the eggs hatch, allowing the cat to contract worms.

Do fleas leave worms?

No fleas do not leave worms they leave eggs. More than likely your cat has worms and needs medicine to solve the problem.

Can cats get fleas?

All animals can get fleas...

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