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Q: How do charged objects interact with each other?
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How do charged objects interact with each other differently from the way a charged object interacts with neutral objects?

Two objects that are similarly charged will repel, while two objects with opposite charges will attract. Moreover, a neutral object will attract either charges

Do the animals and other objects in the aquarium interact with each other?


Why do two objects repel each other?

anions (negatively charged objects) repel cations (positively charged objects)

How objects with opposite charges interact?

they attract each other

How do objects with opposite charge interact?

they attract each other

Do positively charged objects attract each other?

no,they do not attract.

What will happen when you have 2 positively charged objects?

They repel each other On the other hand, if you have positive and negatively charged particles they will attract each other

How do neutral objects behave when placed near charged objects?

They repel, same with two negatively charged objects

What is the behaviour of charged objects when they are brought close to each other?

Similarly charged particles repel each other, and particles bearing opposite charges attract each other.

Do electrically charged objects repel or attract each other?


What is something charged objects exert on each other?

electric force

2.Positively charged objects can only attract objects that are negatively charged?

Any charged object weather positively charged or negatively charged will have an attractive interaction with a neutral object. Neutral objects do not attract or repel each other.