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How do clams reproduce?

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Clams may be male, female or both (hermaphroditic) depending on the species and the particular stage in its life cycle. For example, the hard clam (quahog) begins its life cycle as a male, then later on may become a female. The various kinds of cockles found around the world are all hermaphroditic as adults. There is no easy way to tell a male from a female clam. Fortunately, either sex tastes equally good, which for most people is probably all that matters in this regard. Quahogs, like other clam species, reproduce through a spawning process in which females release large numbers of eggs into the water, while males release sperm. Fertilization takes place in the open water. Females can release from 1 million to as many as 24 million eggs at one time, and spawning may continue for several months, depending on the water temperature and the availability of food. A single female may release up to 60 million eggs in a season, of which only a small number will become fertilized and grow to become adult clams. Once fertilization takes place, the young clam goes through a larval stage where it is carried by waves and currents. Eventually it develops a shell and sinks to the bottom. Using its muscular foot, it can then move about the bottom to some degree. At this point in the process, you may observe a white, frost like coating of young clams along tidal flats in areas where spawning took place. A single handful of this white mixture would contain thousands of tiny clams. Most would not survive, but some always did, as evidenced by the fresh supply of clams we find each year.

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Do clams reproduce?

They do reproduce... asexually.

Does a clam reproduce sexually or asexually?

Clams reproduce sexually.

Do clams have babies?

Clams release eggs or sperm into the water. They meet in the water. The eggs hatch in the water. That is how clams reproduce.

How do hard shell clams reproduce?


Contrast sexual reproduction of marine clams and most freshwater clams?

Marine clams, called mussels, reproduce by releasing their eggs and sperm into the water. Freshwater clams reproduce when the male releases his sperm into the water and the female sucks up the sperm into her body through her incurrent siphon.

How often do fresh water clams reproduce?

how do u know if a clam is a male or a female

How do clams breed?

Clams reproduce by discharging sperm and egg cells in the open water on a certain time in a year. Once the sperm and egg cells meet up and after the fertilization of the egg, a larva is born that will turn into clams.

Do clams poop?

clams just do there do do

What do clams start out as?

baby clams

Were do clams come from?

other clams

What is bigger clams or mussel?


Are clams vegan?

No, clams are not vegan.

How do clams walk?

Clams do not walk.

How clams and scallops reproduce grow and develop?

When a lady clam and a man clam really love each other, they give each other a special kind of hug that only mummys and daddy clams do, this then lets the stork know when to bring the baby clam. Hope this helps.

How many clams are there?

there is over 3,000,000 clams

Are clams decomposers?

Clams are not decomposers. They are consumers.

Are clams edible?

Yes clams are edible

Do vegetarians eat clams?

No, clams are animals.

How do you call a tasty dish with clams?


Are clams unicellular or multicellular?

Clams are multicelluer.

Do clams have organs?

Yes. Clams have stomachs and hearts.AnswerClams have kidneys, a heart, a mouth, and an anus.

Can clams scream?

yes, some clams can scream. clams in imax deep sea screamed

How clams avoid animals?

clams will usally dig down into the mud to try to hide from clams

What is the difference between ocean and sea clams?

what is the difference between sea clams and ocean clams

Are little neck clams and steamer clams the same?

Little neck clams are a kind of clam, and they are very good when steamed. Steamers refers to how the clams are cooked.