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How do computers work?

There are many components in a computer. In order to understand how a computer works, one must know the basic components. Open the case and look at all the gizmos. There are 4 basic parts to a computer (PC): CPU- Central Processing Unit GPU- Graphics Processing Unit PSU- Power Supply Unit Memory- Temporarily stores data from the hard disks Without these components, the computer will not function normally.

There are other devices that can be attached to the PC. CDROMs, Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, Sound Cards, TV tuner cards, mice, keyboards, NICs (network interface card), and USB cards. The devices are not needed to make the PC run.

Let's trace a packet of data from power on to it's final destination, the monitor. First, the packet is stored on the hard disk. It goes from the hard disk through the ribbon cable, which connects the hard disk to the motherboard, then to the memory. From the memory, it travels through the FSB (Front Side Bus) to the cache on the CPU. There, it waits until it is needed by the CPU. When it's needed, it goes to the GPU which in turn generates an image that goes to the monitor. Seem like a lot? Computers are not simple, ever.

This is an old video, but it is pretty good:

Also, this article is very good:

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Q: How do computers work?
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