Hermit Crabs

How do crabs look like?


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crabs come in diffrent colour if you tell me which information you want i will help you


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Because they look like crabs.

They kind of look like crabs bu they are longer.

They sort of look like crawfish.

No. They look more like lobsters.

Tiny white bugs that look like crabs can be a type of mite. They can also be lice or public lice.

Crabs are generally transferred much like fleas from contact or close proximity, these crabs don't look like the crabs from the ocean they do not have pincers in that sense.

They look like cherries that are blue and yellow.

what do crabs like to play with? what do crabs like to play with? what do crabs like to play with? what do crabs like to play with?

i dont know what hermit crabs eggs look like but i posted one below Hermit crab's eggs are small, and red.

Sand crabs are small crabs that have no pincers. They are usually white or very light in color, and resemble large fleas.

water hermit crabs look like a regular hermit crab the only difference is that the water crab can be found in brackish water more than land.

they're very small and look like a sponge when the mother holds them on her stomach

They look like a horseshoe, but where the curve would be there is its body. Also it has a tail that looks like a stinger at the end.

King crabs have elongated legs that are out of proportion with their bodies. They come in different colors such as red or orange.

Yep only slightly smaller with a lighter colored shell.

Hermit crabs have big pinchers and they can snap a pencil in two! also they look like spiders.

they are small and they get bigger each month.

They are paler in color and squishy looking.

if you can, go on Google click on images and type in crabs

Their names were mistaken by earlier sealers. Their teeth just look a bit like crabs.

because they dont look like any ordinary crab and they carry their house. crabs cant hide in their shells.crabs dont switch shells and hermit crabs are most often pets not food no offense crabs!

They are leaning out of their shell and smell exactly like dead fish

They look like their surroundings aka invisibility

a small crab with around four legs, if you get pinched pour hot water (from sink) on it so it releases you: out; out of their shell shell they look like a shrimp with a claw. inside of their shell they lok like a spider i have hermit crabs so i know.

No, crabs are not like fish.

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