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The crab is an arthropod. 1. The female carries the eggs 2. The male fertilizes them 3. The female lays the eggs The first two pleopods are used to inseminate the female.

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How do hermit crabs reproduce?

Hermit crabs reproduce by doing stuff

Do hermit crabs reproduce?

do hermit crabs reproduce????And if they can then how do u know if it is a boy or girl????

How do land hermit crabs reproduce?

get a boy and a girl then they will reproduce

How does a Japanese spider crab reproduce asexual or sexual reproduction?

Spider crabs reproduce sexually, the same as normal crabs

How do horseshoe crabs reproduce?

they have egs

How do blue swimmer crabs reproduce?

Blue crabs produce eggs via which baby crabs arrive

Where do crabs migrate?

Chritmas Island red crabs migrate to the shore to reproduce.

Do hermit crabs use meiosis?

Hermit crabs use meiosis to reproduce

Are there male and female crabs?

Yes..That is how they reproduce.

Do land hermit crabs reproduce?

Not in captivity..

Do crabs reproduce asexually?

Simple answer - definitely not.

Where do pet hermit crabs lay eggs?

Nowhere. It is very rare when hermit crabs reproduce in captivity.

What age do hermit crabs reproduce?

3 to 4 months

How old do horseshoe crabs have to be before they can reproduce?

they have to be about 10-20.

How do Japanese Spider crabs reproduce?

Spider crabs reproduce when females lay huge clutches of eggs. Males then fertilize these clutches and the eggs are abandoned, leaving the young to fend for themselves.

Can hermit crabs have baby hermit crabs?

Actually, you can't make your crabs have babies in captivity, they can only reproduce in the wild because they lay their eggs in the ocean.

Do hermit crabs reproduce sexually?

Yes they do. Hermit crabs mate (male to female) and then the female lays eggs which she releases into the ocean.

Why don't hermit crabs reproduce in captivity?

they dont reproduce in captivity because the females lay their eggs in the ocean, so i guess they need saltwater for it.

How do hermet crabs reproduce?

if you want hermit crabs to have babies get a boy and a girl and make them a little beach and have land and water and it should work :] mikayla buty

How do land hermit crabs have babies?

Nobody knows, but they could be like snails, snails have no gender and can reproduce without having to mate. Hermit crabs can be related to snails.

Will dragon fish eat your fiddler crabs or their babies?

More likely the opposite, the crab will eat/kill your dragon fish. Plus fiddler crabs do not often reproduce in captivity.

Do fiddler crabs reproduce?


What sex is a blue crab?

If blue crabs didn't have both makes and females they would not be able to reproduce, would they?

How can you tell if your hermit crab will have a baby?

If it is a pet, they won't. Hermit crabs lay eggs, and they do not reproduce in captivity, only the wild.

What age cant hermit crabs mate at and roughly how big can they get?

If you plan on making your crabs mate, you're out of luck because they only reproduce in the wild. They can become friends with each other in captivity. They can get as big as a baseball, but fear not, because not all crabs even grow that big.

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