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no possible way

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Q: How do delete your parent log in on roblox?
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Where is parents login on roblox?

Parents accounts have become a Roblox character. So just log into your parent account using the normal log in.

What if there s no parent log in roblox?

there will be no free chat for user who have safe chat. BRENDAN WROTE THIS

How do you not delete someone on roblox?

You dumbass its " How do you delete someone on roblox" N00b

How do you delete a model in roblox?

by pressing delete?

How do you use menu chat on roblox?

First u log out of ur Roblox account. Next u Click Parents. After that u click parent log in. then u click join now or create. create a fake parent account. After created the fake account , it says attach users or child. type in ur Roblox user name and password there. then click ok. then u are in ur account. hit mannage. then in the top right coroner there is a privacy mode script. go to the bottom and select or check off. there u go. log out of ur new fake parent account and log in to ur Roblox account... Happy chatting :3 My Roblox username is Rysch send me a friend request :3

How do you update roblox?

Roblox will automatically update when you log on.

How do you delete roblox pants?

You cannot actually delete pants from the Roblox site. You can delete them from your inventory however. To do this go to the page of the item you wish to delete and click the delete button.

How do you delete your roblox account a different day?

There is no way to delete your account. If you do not wish to posses an account anymore simply do not log on or use the account. Do not attempt to get your account banned as it may have undesirable side effects.

Were is parent login at roblox?

they deleted it so your parent account was made into a normal account so use regular log in and reg pass and reg username. thx friend me plz! - lollipopsaregood

How does a parent change their child's roblox chat?

Log in with your "Parent Account" then go to manage your child's account, then the very top box down at the bottom of the box you put an X in one of the things.

How do you change users on roblox?

Log out, log in to another account

How do you send mail to people on Roblox?

First get a parent account, then log onto it add your account click edit, then select safe on both options then log back into roblox in your own account, then select send meesage on whoevers profile write the message then click send then your done.