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Q: How do different types of government compare and contrast?
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Compare and contrast two to three different types of government that were discussed in the lesson?

I don't know what the lesson was- but this may be helpful:I am going to compare and contrast a Monarchy and a Dictatorship.MONARCHY- Yes, a monarchy is ruled by someone, but like a king or queen. The people of a monarchy have little say in anything, but more than people of a dictatorship.DICTATORSHIP- This is where one person has complete control over the people. The dictator normally passes his or her (most often his) place to his son (or possibly daughter).BOTH- They both are types of government where one person has almost all, or all, control of everyone.HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL~ Anonymous :)I assume you are taling about what I think you are so i'll just copy-paste a more relevant answer:Iran's government is similar to ours, with cabinets and branches. Turkey's political system is based on a separation of powers. India is a "Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic" with a parliamentary system of government. Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. ! ~Jordan

What are different types of governments?

Federal and state

What type of government did mesoamerica have?

3 different types of of society. Mayan, Aztecs, Incas.

What type of government is it when the ruler has unlimited power?

Absolute monarchy (there are different types)

Ten types of government?

There are only 3 types of governments in the United States of America. Thus being: state government, tribal government, and federal government. The federal government has 3 branches under its government. Which is Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. But, all of those branches are still under the federal government. Thus being said 4 governments in America is clearly false.

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