How do doctor diagnose asthma?


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Asthma is never automatically diagnosed after a single visit or what not. It is diagnosed after observing certain symptoms over a period of time. There are multiple diseases that are present in a patient that could have asthma... such as acute bronchitis, pneumonia, or simple symptoms such as prolonged wheezing. There are many tests that a pulmonologist can gather to help determine if the patient has asthma or not. For example, the doctor observes the patient's response to Bronchodilators/corticosterioids. He or she can order pulmonary function test (PFT) to measure how well the lungs are able to take in and exhale air.


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Your family care doctor will diagnose asthma based on your condition, or your doctor will forward you to an specialist to determine how serious your asthma condition.

There is no way to get asthma medications without making an appointment with a doctor. A doctor will be able to diagnose and treat your asthma with the correct mixture of medications which you may not know about.

Asthma is a problem with your lungs.

the doctor can give u an asthma pump, an asthma machine and pills

There are different kinds of respiratory allergies ranging from nasal like rhinitis to bronchial like asthma--a general practice doctor can diagnose it for you.

only a doctor can diagnose a disease of that magnitude. you cant even xray your prostate without seeing a doctor so, let a doctor diagnose you

Normally the doctor that treats asthma is an allergist, since he or she not only treats asthma, but diseases relating to it, like hay fever.

Symbicort is only for people that have asthma. I would ask the doctor and make sure.

Yes it is. You should see a doctor for asthma.

Asthma can be treated by asthma puffers, ventolin or medication. Goin to your doctor or the hospital can help by them diagnosing you with asthma and giving you treatment

You could have asthma, sleep apnea, or anxiety--just to name a few. You should see a doctor who can diagnose your condition and help you feel better.

Asthma doesn't go away. Your doctor can control it with proper medications.

because we know what asthma is used to when people had it they didnt know cuz they went to the doctor and the doctor told them they just had a cold because they didnt know what asthma was

A doctor can try to diagnose a condition. He or she then reaches a diagnosis.

First, go see your doctor! Could be a variety of reasons, two being uremia or cardiac asthma. Hard to diagnose without specific data. If breathlessness is a part of it go to your doctor. Treatment is available.

Some peoples asthma is mild but some people have much worse asthma if you want to be a pilot you should ask your doctor how bad you asthma is. then your doctor can determine if you should be a pilot or not

It depends on what kind of asthma you have the best way to keep asthma down is basically to not over work your self in GYM or by runing to much as it can make it worse for you and to talk to your doctor about how your asthma is being and if its getting worse talk your doctor on how to make it better and if your doctor docent know much about it it best to change doctors as it best to have one that trained in the area of asthma

You need to see a doctor if your inhaler makes your asthma worst.

You would go to a doctor.

See your Doctor. The Doctor will tell you if Drugs are required or not.

There is currently no cure for asthma. However, it can go away during the person's lifetime. Asthma can also be controlled using medications. Ask your doctor about controlling your asthma.

well, if you have already seen a doctor and been told you have asthma, you shouldn't have too until you have an attack or it starts acttin up

well usually inhalers are precribed by a doctor...and yes if you have asthma inhalers are preferred

There are many ways in which a doctor would be able to diagnose acid reflux in an infant. The doctor may make a diagnosis based on the symptoms that the parent describes.

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