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thingds that are not very nice....


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Drugs are horrible to your body and mind. They make your mind think other than you want it to and there is no control over your body. It can make you harm yourself and others.

Any substance other than food can/will affect the way your mind or body works.

Drugs can affect anyone in any state of mind, while consciousness or not.

Drugs can affect your body in number of ways. Drugs most likely affects you brain and brain cells. Drugs can also affect your kidneys, heart, and even your appearance. In the end it is not worth even trying drugs. It depends on what kind of drug but most drugs affect what I just stated above.

Psychoactive drugs affect the brain, which is a part of the nervous system.

Your mind is affected by drug abuse. Some drugs affect the part of your brain that makes decisions.

It is true that drugs and alcohol can affect the mind It can also interfere with the central nervous system.

drugs that affect our thinking and changes our body

All drugs affect the functioning of the body.

In it, drugs circulate throughout the whole body

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they interact with the human body. More specifically how drugs affect normal body functions.

They kill alot of your cells

it affects your lungs, your immune system, your mind everything

Yes, any substance that is harmful to your body will affect your chakras.

Weed is a drug. Drugs affect the body and the mind. Only stupid people take drugs not prescribed to them by a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor).

Yes they do because drugs affect their mind.

It means that like if you take drugs it can mess up your lungs,heart,and other things in the human body system.

That is entirely dependant on which drug you are referring to. Keep in mind that alcohol is a drug and that 'drugs' is a broad umbrella term not referring to any one substance.

it harms you because it poisons your body.. And it will jack you and your mind up

They hurt your body. Each drug hurts different things.

changes the perception of the mind depending on what drug you consume. hallucinagens cause visual "trips" and can trick the mind into hearing things that are not there. Other drugs can cause paranoia, restlessness, and all around make you stupid if you dont do them correctly.

yes it does cause it can get inside of your body and kill you

Every drug in the world effects you believe it or not

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