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Drugs kill your happiness,self-wroth,and dignity.

Drugs can kill your body.

Drugs kill your brain cells,wich effects your memory.

Drugs can kill your relationships with your family, friends,ect.

Drugs can kill everything good about a person.

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thingds that are not very nice....

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because what chemicals they have

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in a lot of ways

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Q: How do drugs affect your body and mind?
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How do drugs affect you?

Drugs are horrible to your body and mind. They make your mind think other than you want it to and there is no control over your body. It can make you harm yourself and others.

Does drugs affect the way you think?

Any substance other than food can/will affect the way your mind or body works.

Why is it wrong to sell drugs?

it is wrong to sell drugs because it is a criminal offence and you could be taken to jail for it. drugs also badly affect the body and mind, so please do not deal drugs.

Which system in the body does psychoactive drugs affect?

Psychoactive drugs affect the brain, which is a part of the nervous system.

How do drug affect consciousness?

Drugs can affect anyone in any state of mind, while consciousness or not.

What substance changes how mind or body works?


True of False. Alcohol and other drugs alter mood and affect the mind by interfering with the central nervous system?

It is true that drugs and alcohol can affect the mind It can also interfere with the central nervous system.

What is Phamracology?

drugs that affect our thinking and changes our body

Similarities between Alcohol and other drugs are?

All drugs affect the functioning of the body.

Why do i have a very weird side affect when i smoke weed. first i become a bit sensitive to all of my senses then dizziness can any one explain?

Weed is a drug. Drugs affect the body and the mind. Only stupid people take drugs not prescribed to them by a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor).

History of Pharmacology?

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they interact with the human body. More specifically how drugs affect normal body functions.

Does using drugs affect your chakras?

Yes, any substance that is harmful to your body will affect your chakras.