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The electromagnetic wave is "modulated" (changed) to represent the signal. For example, in AM (amplitude modulation), the strength (amplitude) of the wave is increased or decreased, according to the signal.

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Q: How do electromagnetic waves carry sound as electrical signals?
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Do sound waves carry electrical and magnetic energy?

No. Electromagnetic waves do.

What is the energy transformation of megaphone?

Electrical energy gets converted to sound energy. When we speak into the speaker, our sound waves get converted into electrical signals. These signals get amplified and emitted as louder sound. Thus, electrical energy (electrical signals) gets converted into sound energy (amplified/louder sound).

What piece of station equipment converts electrical signals to sound waves?

a speaker's 'coil' (and magnet) converts electrical signals to sound

What energy transformation occur in a speaker?

electrical to sound

What is a microphone?

a transducer that converts sound to electrical signals

What is a device that changes sound into electrical signals?

a microphone

After your ears convert sound waves into electrical signals where are the signals sent for interpretation?

The brain

What is the purpose of the cone on a speaker?

The cone on the speaker works as a membrane to vibrate and push the air to create sound waves. The pushing action comes from the electromagnetic forces at work when electrical signals come from a sound source when plugged in and into the transducer.

What is a device that captures electrical signals and converts them to sound?


What instrument converts electrical energy to sound or image signals in a radio or television?

Loudspeakers and earphones convert electrical energy to sound energy. LCD monitors, plasma screens, and CRTs make images out of electrical signals.

How electrical energy is converted into sound energy?

With the speakers' electromagnetic coil!

Why can electromagnetic waves travel through space and not sound waves?

Sound waves need a physical material to carry them, but electromagnetic waves don't.