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How do fix cigarette lighter maxima 2000?


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2006-02-09 02:22:10
2006-02-09 02:22:10

plug something into it like a radar detector...iff it works your lighter is screwed...if no power check the fuse


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To fix the cigarette lighter on a Chevy Cavalier, check the fuse first. Next check the wiring and the cigarette lighter itself for a problem.

i have the code p0403 in nissan maxima 2000 i want to know how i can fix

This recently happened to my 2004 vectra and it was the element in the lighter which cost £56 to have replaced at a garage

Check fuseReplace either element or element and socket

you dont fix the lighter. you fix your smoking problem. get those patches or the gum

Well it's very simple you take it in and get someone to fix it for you!

If you have no horn and cigarette lighter, its a fuse.

probably a blown fuse, check the fuses.

you have to replace the appropiate fuse labeled "cigarette lighter" in the fuse box inside your car around the driver dash side.

One can view videos on how to fix a car lighter on YouTube. There is even more than one video to choose from on YouTube. They are titled How to Fix a Cigarette Car Lighter.

Fix the lighter? HA! Just buy a new Jaguar.

easy try a junk yard or buy a new lighter --check the fuse

What is wrong with it??? EXPLAIN more please!

Change the fuse, check the wiring, change the element.

If the fuse is good, take the lighter out and check it in another car to see if it is good. If it is, then replace the recepticle. If it is bad, replace the lighter.

Have you checked your fuse panel underneath your dash on drivers side?

Start with checking the fuse. The owners manual can help you with that.

Look at the maual for fuses look at which one is for the lighter and see if the fuse is burnt out. If not bring to a shop.

if you mean that there is no power.. look in the fuse block there is one fuse labeled lighter is most likely burned out

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