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When fossil fuels are burned or used, it releases toxins into the air. This can cause water pollution because those toxins are evaporated and are present in rain, which falls into water sources.

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Water pollution can occur from burning fossil fuels due to?

Water pollution can occur from burning fossil fuels due to the acid rain. Fossil fuels will pollute the atmosphere which will result into acid rain.

Use of fossil fuels contributes to which of the following?

Air pollution, water pollution, and global warming.

What do fossil fuels do to the environment?

Burned fossil fuels release damaging gas. Fossil fuels can create solid waste, damaging the soil. Fossil fuels can leak in transport, damaging the water.

Does fossil fuel causes water pollution?

yes Answer: Fsssi fuels can be gases (methane), liquids (oils) or solids (coal). The mining and recovery processes for all of these can create water pollution but these are, in general, the same as the emissions from any mining or industrial process and cannot be attributed to the fact that they are fossil fuels. The use or accidental loss of gaseous fossil fuels generally creates no water pollution. The use of liquid fossil fuels creates few water related problems except in the case of highly sulfidic bunker oils where the sulfur dioxide can create acid precipitation if not treated. The loss of liquids fossil fuels can create environmental problems. The use of solid fuels cann emit sulfur dioxide and contribute to acid precipitation. The loss of solid fossil fuels is generally a materials handling problem although particulate losses can impair benthic organism and their environment.

Are fossil fuels a natural source of energy?

Fossil fuels are natural but they produce pollution and they are a limited source, unlike our sun, wind, and water.

Is hydroelectric power better than fossil fuels?

Hydroelectric power is better than fossil fuels because it is renewable. The water cycle ensures that there will always be water flowing downstream to turn turbines. Fossil fuels take millions of years to create.

Do you burn fossil fuels to make water?

You would not burn fossil fuels to make water, but yes, water is often a byproduct of the combustion of fossil fuels.

What harmful effects can arise from producing and using fossil fuels?

Habitat destruction, air pollution, increased greenhouse effect and water pollution

What does fossil fuel mix with to create carbon dioxide water and heat?

Fossil fuel mixes with pressure to create carbon dioxide, water, and heat. This process takes millions of years to create which severally limits the prolonged usage of fossil fuels.

How are fossil fuels related to air pollution and acid precipitation?

When fossil Fuels are burned, they release sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere causing air pollution. When these pollutants combine with water in the atmosphere, they form sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which makes acid precipitation.

What fuels are not fossil fuels?

There are lots of non-fossil fuels, fossil fuels are non-renewable, other fuels such as wind power or water power are renewable meaning they can be replaced, nuclear power and wood are also non-fossil fuels.

Does burning fossil fuels affect the water cycle?

No, the burning of fossil fuels affects the carbon cycle, but not the water cycle.

What are the sources and sinks of sulphur oxide pollution?

Sources of sulfur oxide pollution are engine combustion of fossil fuels, & metal extraction from ore. Water is the main sink for sulfur oxide.

Does water create noise pollution?

yes water create noise pollution

Can you give me a small speech on pollution?

pollution is harmful materials that damage or contaminate the air,water or soil,such as gasoline exhaustand industrail waste.pollution is also the burning of fossil fuels like gasoline.

What are the primary products of the complete combustion of fossil fuels?

Carbon Dioxide and water are the primary combustion products of fossil fuels.

How do water mills save energy resources?

Water mills use the power of running water to pump water, to grind wheat into flour, and other uses. By using the renewable energy of moving water the mill does not use electricity, which is usually generated by burning fossil fuels. This is a saving of electricity, of money, of fossil fuels and it reduces carbon dioxide pollution of the environment.

The primary products of complete combustion of fossil fuels are?

The primary products of the complete combustion of fossil fuels is: CARBON DIOXIDE and WATER.=)

What is the chemical emitted by fuels?

Fossil fuels release by burning carbon dioxide and water.

Can burning of fossil fuels cause acid rain?

Yes, most definitely! Acid rain is the acidification of water, which is caused when toxins such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide (which are released by burning fossil fuels) react chemically with the water to lower the pH and create carbonic or sulphuric acid.

Why does burning fossil fuels create carbon dioxide?

Because the combustion of organic compounds in the presence of oxygen produces carbon dioxide and water.

What kind of energy do you start with when burning fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are a source of chemical energy. Chemically conbining the hydrocarbons in fossil fuels with air is combustion and primarily produces carbon dioxide and water. (There are many more details of the chemistry of the specific fossil fuels and many other results of their combustion besides the predominant gasses of water and carbon dioxide.)

Where does global warming happens?

Many things cause global warming. One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Electricity causes pollution in many ways, some worse than others. In most cases, fossil fuels are burned to create electricity. Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. Many pollutants (chemicals that pollute the air, water, and land) are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned. Some of these chemicals are called greenhouse gasses. We use these sources of energy much more than the sources that give off less pollution. Petroleum, one of the sources of energy, is used a lot. It is used for transportation, making electricity, and making many other things. Although this source of energy gives off a lot of pollution, it is used for 38% of the United States' energy.

How can you limit using fossil fuels?

we can limit using fossil fuels by increasing solar, wind and water power use. using renewable sources

What does heat from fossil fuels used to boil water turn into in order to generate electricity?

Heat from fossil fuels is used to boil water and turn it into steam in order to generate electricty.