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French people greet each other much as any other people do. They say "Bonjour, comment ça va?" (Hello, how are you?) or "Salut, ça fait longtemps qu'on s'est vu!" (Hey, it's been awhile since we've seen each other!) or even "Salut, mon pote!" (Hey, buddy!) . There are many ways to greet someone in French.

Many French people also kiss both of the person they're greeting's cheeks. It's considered normal and polite to do, even when they're the same gender.

we also say coucou with people we know well.

And when you see again the same person you can say rebonjour!

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They hongi eachother, and they sing a waiata and karanga them to greet the new people onto there marae. umm

because people need some kinda word to greet eachother. Or all you can do is wave or some other gesture.

By Bowing and discussing matters to eachother

rather tall men that would throw fetus' at eachother to greet them.

with a kiss on each cheek and a warm hug

The Arawak people ran to greet him.

People greet each other as they respect them. In India for example, people greet by folding their hands.

They put both their hands together and say "Namaste". This means hello. They do also just say hello, but saying "Namaste" is the more traditional way.

You greet people with a kiss on the cheek (or two, three, up to four) when you have a special relationship with them (friendship, family). There is no special reason for that, this is the way people do it here (just as Americans and their hugging, which seems weird to the few French who know about it). Men just shake hands of their male friends.

greet means that you should have respect and greet people that are older than you.. repect you elders

In Poland you greet people by saying 'Dziendobry', which means good day.

as their language is french also english so must be like hello, bonjour.

With both the hands jointed, they greet other

Sak pasé. It really means what happened?/what's going on? but this is how friends greet eachother.Kouman ou ye? (how are you)

People greet each other to show respect. just say that someone is coming into your home, you greet them. this shows them that they are welcome to come into your home.

Bonjour, comment allez-vous?

However you usually "greet" people you meet.

How do swedes greet each other.

Israelis greet by saying either Shalom or Hi.

what do you mean by "greet someone"? do you mean underground?

You greet them by saying (As-saalaam Alaikum) meaning Peace Be With You!

There is no such language as "Swiss". The people in Switzerland speak one or more of the following official languages.... * German, * French, * Italian, * Romansh

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