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Geothermal power plants have very little effect on the environment. They produce no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Fossil fuels on the other hand (coal, oil and natural gas) emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Scientists agree that this is causing global warming and climate change.

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Q: How do geothermal energy and fossil fuel affect the environment?
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Is geothermal energy good for your environment?

Yes, geothermal energy, like all renewable energy, emits no pollution or greenhouse gases, so, compared to fossil fuel energy, is good for the environment.

How does using Geothermal energy effect the environment?

Geothermal energy can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing energy that would have come from burning fossil fuels. It is basically a fairly clean energy source

What are two advantages of geothermal energy over fossil fuels?

Geothermal energy utilization does not cause air pollution as fossil fuelsGeothermal energy is renewable source of energy while fossil fuel is not.

Is geothermal energy good for the environment?

Yes, it produces clean green electricity with no emissions. Using geothermal energy means we use less fossil fuelled energy which releases carbon dioxide into the greenhouse gases of the atmosphere.

Does geothermal energy use fossil fuels?


Is geothermal not a fossil fuel or is it a fossil fuel?

Geothermal energy is not a fossil fuel, because it is harnessing energy from the thermal heat energy within the earth and is not dependent upon decomposed ancient plants and animals, which is what coal, oil, and natural gas are, which is why they are called "fossil fuels."

What is the most abundant fossil fuel in AMERICA'?

geothermal energy

What are some energy sources that offer alternatives to fossil fuels?

water power, geothermal energy, solar energy

What are 3 alternative energy sources to fossil fuels?

There is a source of energy that is more friendly to the environment that has not been looked into yet such as using the force from the waves to power everything that fossil fuels are being used currently to power and you could use wind power as well to make a better alternative to fossil fuels

How can geothermal energy be used to replace fossil fuels?

it is way better than fossil fuels

Is geothermal energy a fossil fuel?

No. Fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gas. Geothermal energy is a clean renewable energy powered by the heat from the centre of the earth. It is the only renewable energy whose power does not come from the sun.

Are fossil fuels example of geothermal energy?

No, thats chemical energy. Geothermal would be using heat that comes from within the earth itself.