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In what? How you would get rid of them depends on what they are in.

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What are the use of coverslip?

To get rid of air bubbles? :3 To get rid of air bubbles? :3

How do you get rid bubbles?

Normal bubbles? If you mean normal, floating soap bubbles, POP THEM!

How do you get rid of excess copper from the body?

I recently had a hair annalysis done and copper was off the charts. How do I get rid of the excess copper?

What process is used to get rid of excess water in protozoans?

The contractile vacuole helps it to get rid off the excess water from the cell.

How do you get rid of the bubbles in your ears from pressure change in an airplane?

Chew gum or suck on a breath mint. When you swallow it will help equalize the pressure changes in your ears and get rid of the "bubbles".

Why is it when you exhale underwater you make bubbles?

because the bubbles are air the air can't fuse with hydrogen to become water because there is no excess hydrogen so it goes to the air as bubbles

How do you get rid of bubbles in a humidifier?

Get rid of all the water and soap in the humidifier and rinse it out and put in clean water.

What happens if a 16 year old male has an excess of testosterone?

then he should 'rub one out' and get rid of the excess.

How does your body get rid of excess heat?

the body loses excess heat by perspiration or sweating the the epidermis of the skin

What causes gas bubbles to form?

Excess air being excreted from the compound it came from.

If you put a plastic bag on your stomach will it help get rid of excess fat?

No, that doesn't work. The best way to get rid of excess fat is regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet.

How a plant is destarched?

A plant is destarched by placing a leaf under investigation in boiling water to get rid of all the excess starch. Then place into boiling ethanol to get rid of excess chlorophyll

How does the body get rid of excess salt?

drink plenty of water..5 liters a day to rid your body.

The role of acetycholinesterase is to?

"take up" or get rid if excess acetylcholine

How do you get rid of excess heat?

Open a window or turn the A.C. on!

Why should you get rid of air bubbles from the slide?

Because it ruin your sight of the slide

What exercises can get rid of wrinkled stomach skin?

Exercise gets rid of stomach fat. But unfortunately, no exercises get rid of stomach wrinkles or excess skin.

If a mammal drinks large amounts of salt water what will this do to its urinary output?

Due to its evolutionary descent from fresh water fish mammals get rid of excess salt by flushing it out with excess water. (Fresh water fish always had excess fresh water that was in need of getting rid of, so that is the method they developed and mammals inherited.) If a mammal drinks salt water it tries to get rid of the excess salt by excreting excess water and slowly dehydrates itself to death.

Why do you keep on peeing?

Because your body has to get rid of waste and excess water.

What is the function of the mucosal gland and its secretion?

The function is to get rid of excess mucus.

Do plants pee?

Plants can get rid of excess water by transpiration and guttation.

Can all fish survive in saltwater?

No, freshwater fish are adapted to get rid of excess water from their bodies whilst conserving salt. Saltwater fish are adapted to get rid of excess salt from their bodies and conserve water.

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