How do giant otters catch their food?


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Otters catch food with their clawed paws. They eat mostly fish, crabs, and crawfish, but also frogs and smaller mammals.

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Probably because it is food they like that they can catch.

Yes/ Sea Otters do catch their prey.

Giant Otters are very dangrous in groups and can easily take on a crocodile and win.

Giant river otters don't migrate. They stay were they are unless there habitat gets destroyed.

For Giant otters, it is caiman ,jaguars and anacondas.

otters get there food buy cach it

The giant otters predators are the jaguar and cougars.Young otters may be vulnerable to such predators as foxes, wolves, and raptors.Sea otters may be consumed by killer whales, among others.Any animals higher in the food chain are otters' enemies, even man.

Giant River Otters do camflage by hidind in dark areas on the surface of the water and under aswell.

Mother sea otters nurse their young. They aggresively defend their young from intruders. Baby sea otters are called pups. The pups are weaned at 14 weeks. By three or four months, Giant River otters eat solid food.

what kind of food do otters eat

The otters favourite food is sea urchins.

since the otter is at the top of the food chain only the human and jaguar mainly treat it.

Giant Otters are carnivores and, along with Black Caimans and Jaguars, are one of the apex predators of the Pantanal. Giant Otters are normally piscivores, meaning they normally eat fish, and are capable of killing fish up to the size of arapaima. However, Giant Otters are very tough predators and are capable of killing predators of the size of 3 meter Yelllow Anacondas and Spectacled Caimans.

They get their food in many ways. For certain prey, they have to push over boulders. But many swim in pursuit, and catch the prey with their hands.

If you mean what do otters eat, then they eat fish, and shellfish. Also, Giant river otters will occasionally attack a caiman wandering into their territory.

They catch it with their claws and teeth, and move around with there very large tails, to swim very fast.

They are a vital part of the ocean's ecosystem. Without otters, sea urchins would have no predators and would overpopulate and likely destroy kelp forests, which are a food source for urchins.

otters get their food by catching fish in the water. so they eat fish. they swim down in the ocean and catch fish with there mouth

The giant otter eats piranas. I learned on the animal plantet. The giant otter is also indangered!

there are 14 types of otters they are the giant otter, north american river otter and many more

No, but they are endangered as they were once hunted for its pelt.

there are lots of otters such as the river otter, European otter, sea otter, giant otter and lots more

There are sea otters and other otters. In the category of "other" otters, you can include the North American River Otter, Giant Otter of South America, Asian small clawed otters, Congo clawless otters, Capr clawless otters, Southern river otters, hairy nosed otters, spot necked otters, neo tropical long tailed otters, and others I may fail to mention.

They don't harm the earth.They are just harmless.

Yes, piranhas are one of the many species of fish preferred by the giant otter.

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