How do herons behave?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How do herons behave?
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Are herons birds or mammals?

Herons are birds.

Herons are carnivoires but what do they eat?

Herons eat fish.

What are blue herons?

Babies that come from blue herons

What eats herons?

Crocodiles and alligators eat herons.

What has the author James Hancock written?

James Hancock has written: 'The herons handbook' -- subject(s): Ardeidae, Herons 'Herons of North America' -- subject(s): Habitat, Herons

What are blue herons babies?

Babies that come from blue herons

Do bears eat herons?

Yes Bears eat herons.

Are herons herbivores?

No, herons are carnivores. They primarily feed on fish, frogs, insects, and small mammals.

What do great blue herons prey upon?

Herons eat fish.

What kind of shelter do herons live in?

herons live in nests by the water

Do you get herons in Britain?

Yes, Grey Herons are common throughout Britain.

Do herons eat cats?

No, herons eat creatures that live in ditches.