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A honeybee first travels to a flower, where it collects nectar, which is a mixture of mainly sucrose and water. Then, enzymes within the bee turn the sucrose into glucose and fructose. When moisture is evaporated from this substance, 18% water remains, and what is left is known as honey.

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What do honeybees make?


What do honeybees like to do?

Honeybees like to make honey to keep them fed over the winter.

Does honey attract honey bees?

It attracts honeybees.

Where does honey grow?

Honey does not grow. It is created by honeybees.

What do honey bees eat?

Honeybees eat honey or nectar, and pollen.

Is honey a natural resource?

Yes. Honeybees and honey can be natural resources.

Why do honey bees buzz?

Honeybees' wings flap so fast that they make a buzzing noise.

What do honeybees eat when inside?

Pollen and honey

Why do honeybees make food reserve?

Honey bees make honey to feed themselves in winter when they can't leave their hive and even if they could, there would be no flowers for them to feed on.

Is it hard work for bees to make honey?

Yes. Honeybees literally work themselves to death in the summer.

What preys on honeybees?

bears love honey sooo

What type of mouthpart does honey bee have?

Honeybees have a proboscis.

Where did the ancient Greeks get honey?

Honeybees. There is no other way.

What is rearing of honeybees for honey is called?

Apiculture or beekeeping.

What can be done about to decline in honeybees?

we can stop taking their honey

What are honeybees?

Honey bees are a subset of bees that build a hive made of wax and produce honey. There are several types, but honeybees are usually characterized by having hair on their bodies...

Why do wasps sometime kill honeybees?

Wasps will attack honeybees, especially in late summer, to get at their honey stores in the hives.

Is a honeybee a producer or consumer?

Honeybees produce honey, and are consumed by critters that prey upon honeybees -- so they are both.

What are honeybees used for?

Making honey. If you buy a jar of honey in a supermarket, it has been produced by honey bees.The uses for honey bees are to produce honey

What is the difference between bumblebees and honeybees?

Honey bees produce honey and bumble bees don't.

Does honey contain vitamin b?

Honey is obtained from honeybees . So it contain vitamin B.

How do honeybees make honey?

Honey bees make money by consuming the nectar of flowers, partially digesting it, and then regurgitating it. The process breaks down the nectar and removes much of the moisture to prevent fermentation.

What is the scientific name of honeybees?

The honey bee is apis mellifera.

An interesting fact about honeybees is?

Well, they produce honey :D

What animal eats honeybees?

bears,spiders,and honey badger.