How do i add scene points online?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: How do i add scene points online?
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What are the answers to Super Scribblenauts 7-7?

In the bottom left scene, add a cat. In the bottom right scene, add a cave and a hyena. In the upper left scene, add nothing. In the upper right scene, add a wart hog.

Will the insurance companies add step points to your insurance if someone hits your car and leaves the scene?

No there is no surcharge on a hit and run accident but your deductible still stands. thanks for the question

When you got your scene debit card why didnt you get your scene points card with it?

it just sucks that way doesn't it

Conquer points for conquer online?

Yes, conquer points for conquer online.

What is the sum of two points?

You can add numbers. Usually it doesn't really make sense to add points.

Leaving the scene of a collision causing more then 50 in damage will result in how many points?

6 points

A basic diagram of the crime scene showing important points such as the locations where physical evidence were located is what?

crime scene sketch

How many points will be put onto your driver license in FL if you leave the scene of a traffic crash?

6 Points

Do you start a new page every time you finish a scene in script writing?

No, you just add a new scene heading when the scene changes.

Where can someone redeem thankyou points?

ThankYou points is an offer that CitiBank card holders are offered. To redeem these points one can redeem online or call the ThankYou service center. One can go to the ThankYou website and view the rewards selection and add which one they are interested in to their cart.

How do you beat level 7- 7 on super Scribblenauts?

Add a boar to the zebra scene, a cave and a wolf to the tiger scene, and a cat to the dog scene.

Can you add dsi points to a 3DS?