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give it mr .X. But DO NOT use the action replay code to get all cubes! You will be stuck on that part!

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How many cubes do you need to find to awaken the spectrobes in spectrobes ds?

I dont think you need to find any.

Use analyze in sentence?

i will analyze the cubes so that there in order

Where are the cubes MU and Omicorn in spectrobes?

Omicron and Mu are on planet Nessa are 2.

Can the 'Spectrobes' die in 'Spectrobes Origins'?

No, it is impossible for spectrobes to die in Spectrobes Origins or any other Spectrobes game

Are there any rare spectrobe input cards?

yes there are codes for secret spectrobes butt i dont no abaot minerals cubes or customs...

Spectrobes how do you sell cubes that you dont need?

go to the 4th planet. then go to the part where u meet cyrus. instead of going right, go left,up, and then down the stairs. there will be man who buys cubes and minerals from u.

Are there dark spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

Actually no! You only get regular spectrobes in Gen. 3.

How do you elvove spectrobes in spectrobes?

you click on it when it flashes

In spectrobes origins do the spectrobes have different genders?


How do you evolve baby spectrobes to adult spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

yes they can you should use a evolve mineral

How do you use 2 spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

You cant.

In spectrobes origins will child spectrobes evolve on their own?


In spectrobes beyond the portal how do you switch scanner spectrobes?

you go to the lab system and switch spectrobes that are in the child area

Cheats for spectrobes?

Google spectrobes code cards and you get the cheats.

When was Spectrobes created?

Spectrobes was created on 2007-03-13.

How do you evovle spectrobes?

Spectrobes 1 : feed them minerals, or cheat or watevr. Spectrobes 2 : dunno. look somewhere else.

How do you defeat dark spectrobes in Spectrobes 2?

all you have to do is use other dark spectrobes and then it will seem easier do what i did fail against maja the first time and wait till you can get dark spectrobes then crush her

How do you evolve spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

You search and a few times you will find evolve minerals you feed those to the child form of spectrobes

How do you get the secret spectrobes on spectrobes beyond the portals?

Type your answer here... cheat

Will the new spectrobes game be compatible with the old spectrobes game?


How do you get Evolved Form Spectrobes on Spectrobes Origins?

you evolve it with an evolve mineral

How do you trade spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

I'm very sorry but you're wrong..... You can't trade spectrobes I have all 3 of em and you can't.....

What is the best spectrobe in spectrobes 2?

Well, the most powerful is an ultimate spectrobe in a geo. But the strongest spectrobes are dark spectrobes at lv.99.

Can someone give you a AR code for spectrobes that gives you all spectrobes?

you need that rhino spectrobes to get the diamond you need the rhino spectrobes put in your search party go to thunder cave at the end of it use digging.

Spectrobes beyond the portals?

The sequel to spectrobes, a ds game, made by Disney

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