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the picture on yoville is the same picture in your facebook profile if you want to change your yoville's picture you have to change your facebook profile picture :)

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โˆ™ 2010-06-26 08:45:21
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Q: How do i change my picture on Facebook for YoVille?
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Is YoVille only for Facebook?

No, YoVille is for both MySpace and Facebook.

How do you change your picture in Cafe World on Facebook?

Change your default picture on facebook

How can you go on yoville?

You can go on yoville by facebook or

You added YoVille on your iGoogle and it send you to Facebook... how do you stop that?

What you have on your iGoogle page is most likeliest a shortcut to Facebook YoVille. You need to have a facebook to play YoVille this is because it was made for Facebook

How do you change your name on YoVille on facebook?

You go to options and than it says yoville name and erase the name that is there and type in the new one

Is yoville free?

yes it is :) both myspace yoville and facebook yoville are free

Can you play YoVille without Facebook or MySpace?

You can't! YoVille can only be played on Facebook and MySpace.

Can you change your name in yoville?

More than likely you're playing YoVille on Facebook. If so, start YoVille and look for a gray gear shaped icon to the right of the YoVille menu. Click on that icon and it will take you to your Facebook settings for the YoVille app. Enter your new name where it says "Character Name" and press save.

How do i get back on Yoville?

Go on yoville through facebook or myspace.

Can you play yoville without a facebook or MySpace?

No, you need a Facebook or MySpace account in order to play YoVille.

What are websites for YoVille?

You can play Yoville on Facebook, Myspace, or, but with you still have to have a Facebook or Myspace account.

YoVille on Facebook?


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