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Wir sehen uns in meinen Träumen.

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Q: How do i say see you in my dreams in German?
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How do you say i will see you in my dreams in Turkish?

I will see you in my dreams. - Rüyalarımda göreceksiniz.

Why can you see unicorns when people say they are fake?

you can see them in your dreams

What is see in German?

"See" in German means "Sea"If you mean how do you say "to see" in German, the verb is "sehen"

How do you say you stole the woman on my dreams in German?

You stole the woman of my dreams. - Du hast die Frau meiner Träume gestohlen.

How do you say 'dream' in German?

A dream is Ein Traum, dreams (in plural) is Träume

How do you say them in German?

Sie (see)

How do you say my dreams in german?

"Meine Träume" (it's pronounced my-ner troy-mer)

How do you say i see in German?

Ich sehe...

What actors and actresses appeared in German Dreams - 1985?

The cast of German Dreams - 1985 includes: Angela Leiberg Ilona Lewanowski

How do you say sweetdreams my love in German?

Sweet dreams Superman = Süße Träume Superman

What does Vergessen Sie nie die Traume die sterben mean in German?

Don't forget,the dreams never die? or something close to that. I´d say it means "Never forget the dying dreams" or "Never forget the dreams that die" (literally).

What did Mercuito say about dreams in act 1 scene 4?

He said that "dreams lie" if you were thinking about the part they were all walking to the party to see rosaline