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ok I am the girl that posted this and I mean wrong as in I dunno Im 16 and he is much older but it is the best sex Ive ever had I dont know if i can give that all up It's the best sex that you've ever had because you probably haven't had too many different partners in your limited experience. I don't know how old he is, but he's probably had a few. Trust me, as you get older, sex gets better...a lot better. As you get older and more mature (which is why you probably should have waited) you will begin to feel more comfortable in your sexuality and learn to communicate with your partner. In time you will learn each others likes and dislikes and find that this "much older" guy wasn't all that great. Besides, if he was that good, he'd probably be knocking the socks off of someone his own age. Your best bet is to stop now and wait until you're a little older. If you must continue to have sex, stick with the high school guys.

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2006-08-07 02:08:22
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Q: How do know when sex is wrong?
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Is it ok if a mom has sex with someone you do not know?

naturally people still retain sex drives later in life and and there is nothing wrong with consensual sex even with someone you do not know.

Why do your children all of the sudden know about sex?

There's nothing wrong with it.They find out about sex from their friends and from the Internet. There's absolutely nothing wrong about it - unless they're like 4 years old.

Is it wrong to get turned on by calling your woman dirty names during sex?

no it's not wrong but just think about how she feels or he feels. maybe if you two were both in on it like angry sex or something.! ya know!?

Is sex wrong?

There is nothing wrong with having sex. just as long as your ready to do so.

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Ok seriously why in the world would someone want to know it sounds so wrong!!!

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No, it is not wrong.

Why do people like sex so much even though it is wrong to have it before marriage?

People like sex so much because it is enjoyable and both partners feel good by doing it. You can even get to know each other better by having sex. Ahh... and no its not wrong to have it before marriage. If both partners want it before marriage why would it be wrong...

Is the opposite sex is wrong?

No it isn't.

Is it wrong if a boy sucks girls milk before marriage?

You really only do that while having sex, and it is wrong to have sex before marriage so yes it is wrong.

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If you have ever had sex, not oral sex, but SEX, than you are not a virgin. If you haven't had sex, then you are. And that's how you know.

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Your doing it wrong.

Playing sex games wrong?


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