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ok I am the girl that posted this and I mean wrong as in I dunno Im 16 and he is much older but it is the best sex Ive ever had I dont know if i can give that all up It's the best sex that you've ever had because you probably haven't had too many different partners in your limited experience. I don't know how old he is, but he's probably had a few. Trust me, as you get older, sex gets better...a lot better. As you get older and more mature (which is why you probably should have waited) you will begin to feel more comfortable in your sexuality and learn to communicate with your partner. In time you will learn each others likes and dislikes and find that this "much older" guy wasn't all that great. Besides, if he was that good, he'd probably be knocking the socks off of someone his own age. Your best bet is to stop now and wait until you're a little older. If you must continue to have sex, stick with the high school guys.

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Q: How do know when sex is wrong?
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How do you know that gays and lesbians aren't gay and it's just that straight people are attracted to the wrong sex?

No one can be attracted to the wrong sex because there is no such thing as the wrong sex. If someone is attracted to the same sex, they are gay. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Should someone be able to say no to premarital sex without being pressured?

yes because having sex with someone is wrong. you and your partner should be married... you ,must know what wrong from right and you limitations. --khat

Is dating the same sex wrong?

No. It is not wrong. In fact, dating is the best way to get to know someone before marriage, whether you are gay, straight or anything else.

Do we need sex-education?

YES Tons of questions right here that people should know if they got proper sex ed. Sex education teaches you how your body works and how to control your fertility. Only by knowing what is normal will you know when something is wrong.

Is sex before marriage is wrong?

Yes it is God don't want that but in today's world i really don't know

Is it wrong if a boy sucks girls milk before marriage?

You really only do that while having sex, and it is wrong to have sex before marriage so yes it is wrong.

Should parents teach children that sex is wrong?

If sex as "wrong", none of us would be here. Parents should teach their children that sex is appropriate for grown ups- and not for children.

Is it wrong to be in love at 13?

nope, just have sex then if you two can still be intimate then you will know the love is right :) I know it from experience, now I am married to the one whom I loved at 13.

Do most people feel that sex outside of marriage is wrong?

Right or WrongWell I don't know about most people, but I definitely think it's wrong. Just remember, even if the majority of the population is doing it, that doesn't make it right.

Can a sonogram be wrong in determining the sex of a baby?

It can be. The sonogram was correct about the sex with my 3 kids.

Is it wrong to keep in contact with a ex boyfriend just for sex?

If either of you are in a new relationship yes. If you have to ask the question, then I think you already know what the answer is.

What if your best friend of the opposite sex doent tell you What is wrong anymore?

they either fancy you know or they dont agree with previous advice you have given

Why do i want to be gay Am i gay?

Only you know why you want to be gay. If you are attracted to people of the same sex then you may be gay. There's nothing wrong with that.

What does it mean to a guy when her girlfriend asked him where is the relationship is going and what does he expects from it?

To a guy, basically you are saying "when we gonna have sex?" Or am i wrong? I know when i let my bf know where its going, he said "so does this mean you wanna have sex?" I don't think you'd want a misunderstanding. -iMichelle

What do you do if you are a high school student but you notice something very wrong going on in your small town in the US?

If you have sex If you have sex If you have sex

What might be the cause if a woman in her early twenties is not interested in sex and hasn't been for years?

Doesn't indicate anything being wrong. Her priorities in life do not include sex at this time ... there is much more to life, relationships and living besides sex ya know.

Why does your penis sometimes burn after sex?

Because you do it wrong

What actors and actresses appeared in When Sex Goes Wrong - 2003?

The cast of When Sex Goes Wrong - 2003 includes: Will Irvine as Lad Alex Miles as Boyfriend

Why do we need to teach our children sex education?

we need to teach our children sex education to enable them know the rudiment of their body. Secondly to equip them with the knowledge to escape sexual temptation. To avoid being deceived by wrong people.etc

Is it wrong for a 12 year-old to be seeing a 20 year-old?

Dating is not wrong; sex is wrong and illegal.

Does sex have to hurt?

Sex shouldn't hurt, if it does they may be something wrong. Sex should only hurt a little bit on your first time.

Is something wrong when there is a small amount of blood after intercourse but the man is not too big and the sex is not rough?

if you are a virgin and are having sex for the first time, no there is nothing wrong. if you are not a virgin and havwnt had sex in a significant amount of time this is normal as well.

Im very good friends with a married man i work with him know his wife but recently we have become very close we talk about sex and he told me he thinks the world of me is dis wrong are we too close?

yes. "dis" is wrong.

You had an etopic pregnancy and bleed for 3 months due to it and now that's its done everytime you and your bf have sex you bleed does anyone know What is wrong with you?

pid infection?

What does it mean if a guy ask if he can red wing?

As far as I know it means they want to have sex while your on your period...please correct me if I'm wrong anyone else