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Landslides cause erosion by all ofthe rock sliding down the hill at one time.

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Does soil erosion cause landslides?

Soil erosion may not necessarily cause landslides but landslides can be a side- effect or result of soil erosion and mass wasting.

Does landslide cause more erosion than tornadoes or storms?

Compared to tornadoes, yes. Tornadoes generally do not cause much erosion. With storms, it is tricky, as many landslides are triggered by storms. However, in areas prone to landslides, such events likely cause the greates portion of erosion.

How do land slides cause tsunamis?

landslides cause erosion of soil and deposit in the rivers and sands causing tsunamies

What are dangers of erosion?

Erosion can destroy many things due to its moving. Landslides for instance move sediments which can cause injuries for people who live on hillsides.

Describe one effect of weathering on a cliff?

Erosion, which may cause landslides. Hope this helped cause that's all I know!

Landslides and slump are forms of?


Is landslide an effect of soil erosion?

Yes it is. Erosion causes landslides

What are effects of landslides?

soil erosion and flashfloods

What are examples of gravity erosion?

Landslides and rock falls are examples of gravity erosion.

How do earthquakes cause erosion?

Error, yes, Earthquakes break up sediments and trigger floods and landslides to carry them, so don't say what you don't know about because yes they can cause erosion so go get a 'correct' on your answer.

Is air pollution cause landslides?

no air pollution does not cause landslides

What problems do the mountains in aisa have?

erosion, landslides, proverty.

What agent of erosion causes landslides?

Water and Gravity.

What are some forces that can cause rapid changes to the earth's surface?

Anything that causes rapid erosion of material, such as earthquakes, landslides, and flooding.

What are 2 examples of rapid mass erosion?

Landslides and mudslides.

Why does erosion affect the environment?

Erosion moves rocks and dirt around, forming hills and making landslides.

Why are landslides frequent in the Shivalik Range?

due to heavy rain there is soil erosion due to that landslides are frequent in the shivalik range

What agent of erosion causes landslides and mudflows?

Water, usually from heavy rain or melting snow can lead to landslides and mudflows.

What problems do the mountains of Asia cause to the people of Asia?

The mountains' high risk of soil erosion, landslides, poverty and loss of habitats prove them to be problematic.

How do you hurricanes change the landform?

The waves and storm surge of a hurricane can cause severe beach erosion. Heavy rain from hurricanes can cause flooding, which can erode river channels and trigger landslides.

What is rock and soil and sand that fall due to gravity?

erosion or landslides

What is it called when mountains are worn down and sediments are carried away?

When mountains are worn away by weathering and the sediment is carried away, it is called erosion. This occurs over time. Rapid erosion is possible and is known to cause landslides.

Which process causes hillsides and mountains to gradually get smaller?

A. Avalanche B. Earthquake C. Erosion D. LAndslides

Why is shiwalik prone to landslides?

due to heavy rain there is soil erosion due to that landslides are frequent in the shivalik range By-SHREY SAXENA [CSI]

What do landslides cause?