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Light Rays travel in straight paths as transverse waves. It needs no medium to travel along.

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Q: How do light rays travel light ray?
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How do light rays travel from the object to the image?

Photon light ray

How does light ray travel?

Light rays travel in straight paths as transverse waves. It needs no medium to travel along.

What are the similarities between light and gamma rays?

Light ray and gamma ray both travel in a straight line.

What are laser rays?

Laser rays are many light rays focused into a single light ray. That ray is a laser ray. The more lights rays focused into a single ray, the more powerful the laser ray.

Do gamma rays travel at the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel exactly the speed of light because gamma rays are light

How does light travel What is the path of light?

Ray Ray

Which ray is the fastest gamma alpha beta?

Gamma rays. Since they are electromagnetic waves, they travel at the speed of light.

What is the angle of the incoming light ray is equal the angle of the reflected light ray?

reflected rays are equal to the angle of incoming rays.

What effect does the material in which light rays travel have on the rays?

It changes the speed of the rays

Why do gamma rays travel at the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel at the speed of light because both light and gamma rays are variants of the same thing: electromagnetic radiation.

What do light rays need to travel through space?

If light rays did not travel through space there would be no way for them to reach Earth.

How does the speed of visible light compare with the speed of gamma ray?

Light is a term we give to electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum. All electromagnetic rays travel at the speed of light.

How can you see a ray of light in the air?

What seeing is, is seeing rays of light - you see light.

Which type of wave travels faster?

Electromagnetic waves, like light, radio, ultraviolet, infrared, x-ray and gamma rays all travel at the speed of light.

Why cant you see a ray of light?

You can. without rays of light you could not see

Is it true that gamma rays travel with constant velocity?

Yes. Gamma Rays are photons (like visible light, just at another part of the electromagnetic spectrum). They travel with constant velocity at the speed of light (only in a vacuum). Although the original speed of the gamma ray varies.

What do you call a ray of light through the clouds?

Crepuscular rays

What do light rays do?

nothing they travel in straight line

How fast does x rays travel?

the speed of light

Light rays travel in a straight line.?


To throw back light rays that strike a surface?

This is the definition of the reflection of a light ray. The other term related to light rays is refraction, which is the bending of a light ray as it passes from one substance into another.

How many different directions can a single ray of light travel in?

A ray of light can travel in any direction, so an infinite number.

Is an X-ray an alpha ray or beta ray or gamma ray?

X-rays are different from all of these but are similar to gamma rays. Both X-rays and gamma rays are forms of electromagnetic energy. X-rays have slightly longer wave lengths than gamma rays and have lower penetration power as compared to gamma rays. More over, X-rays are "waves" and part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and hence travel with the speed of light in vacuum i.e c, whereas alpha and beta rays are not waves but are energy particles that are radiated by unstable atoms and do not travel at the speed of light (except beta part. which almost does). Gamma rays apart from having a low penetration power compared to x-rays are also radiations from the nucleus whereas x-rays are emitted by electrons in excitation in order for the atom to reach a more stable state.

Some fast do light rays travel?

Yes, they travel some fast!

What is the bending of light rays caused by a change in speed of the light ray called?