How do lobsters survive?

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Different species of lobster are adapted in different ways. Spiny lobsters, for instance, do not have claws like those that are more widely recognized. Instead, they have long rapier-like antennae that can be used to defend themselves. Lobsters are scavengers eating just about anything that they find including carrion.

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Q: How do lobsters survive?
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How long can a lobster survive without food?

=Lobsters can survive up to 14 days without food.=

How did Samuel de Champlain survive?

by fish and lobsters with fur for the cold

Do lobsters eat seaweed?

Many species of lobsters eat seaweed. Seaweed provides many of the nutrients the lobster needs to survive and they will supplement their diet with other foods.

Do lobsters maintain homeostatis?

lobsters, like all organisms, must maintain homeostasis in order to survive, it just means that they have different requirements for homeostasis than other organisms

What do lobsters do to survive?

They eat dead fish. They also eat mussels, crabs, clams, and sea urchins.

Can lobsters die from being out of water?

Yes, lobsters will die if not in water. Lobsters have gills and cannot breath air. Although, they can last for a few days if left in a cool, moist environment because they store seawater in their gills to use if they need to survive out of water.

What do lobsters eat to survive?

They eat dead fish. They also eat mussels, crabs, clams, and sea urchins.

Are crabs lobsters?

No lobsters are lobsters and crabs are crabs

How do lobsters give birth?

Lobsters give birth by pushing out lobster larvae and sending them into the ocean. There are about 700,000 of them born at one time but only about 1/3 of them survive being eaten by other sea creatures.

Do most lobsters have claws?

Yes they most certainly do. Only lobsters in the northern Atlantic have claws (clawed lobsters). Tropical lobsters do not have claws (spiny lobsters).

What are facts about a lobsters?

Not all lobsters have claws. Lobsters prefer live food. Lobsters can grow to over 3 feet. Lobsters can live a long time

Are lobsters mammals?

No, lobsters are crustaceans.

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