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Maggot is a general term for the larval form of an insect. They appear 2-5 days after an adult insect lays its eggs. In the case of a deceased animal, flies are usually the source of maggots. The flies lay their eggs after being drawn to the smell of rotting flesh. The eggs hatch into maggots and they get their nutrients from eating the body. This also aids in decomposition. Actually there is a field of forensics called forensic entymology or solving crimes by observing the insects/larva on a body. Each insect has a specific life cycle and the time it takes for the larva to hatch can be diagnostic.

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Q: How do maggots get into a dead body?
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How do maggots get into a dead body where there are no flies?

If there are no flies then there will be no maggots. No flies, no eggs, no maggots.

How do maggots get into dead body where there are no flies?

Maggots are the larvae that hatch from eggs laid by flies. No flies means no maggots. If there are maggots, a fly laid eggs that hatch.

What are the first bugs on a dead body?

The first bugs on a dead body are flies and beetles. Maggots and beetle larvae are also found on a dead body.

Do maggots eat dead bodies?

Yes, if flies can reach the body, they lay eggs on it and the maggots hatch and eat.

How does a dead body look after 1 week?

it looks rotted and it has maggots crawling in and out of the body.

What crawls on a dead body?

Lots of different little bugs like maggots

Does the body turn into maggots?

No, maggots are young flies. Flies lay eggs in the body that hatch into maggots and the maggots eat the body as they grow.

Where on a dead body would you expect to find maggots?

Their mouth because of suliva left in it.

Are there maggots in the desert?

Yes, there are maggots in the desert. They are common in and on the bodies of dead animals there.

Does a sterile dead body in a concealed room produce maggotts?

Maggots are produced by flies, not by dead bodies. Whether maggots would appear will depend on whether flies land on the body. If the room is merely concealed (i.e. hidden) there's nothing to stop flies getting in. If you mean a sealed, airtight room then maggots would not appear.

Will maggots eat calluses?

no maggots will only eat dead tissue.

Do maggots come from dead flies?

No, maggots hatch out of fly eggs.

Will maggots eat the insides of living people?

Only if it is dead flesh. Maggots only eat dead flesh.

How do you kill maggots off birds?

If the bird is dead, leave them be. If the bird is alive, well, leave them be. Maggots will only eat dead flesh and can only clean the wound of a live animal. The use of maggots for medicinal purposes have been becoming more common in hospitals around the world. That's right. They're used on humans.If the bird is dead, and the maggots are unpleasing to look at, just move the dead body somewhere else, or bury it.

Are you born with maggots in your body?

We are born with parasites, not maggots.

Are maggots decomposers?

Maggots are decomposers because they absorb nutrients from dead bodies.

Do maggots eat vultures?

Maggots will eat the flesh of any dead animal.

Do maggots eat dead roachbugs We sprayed for roaches and now we have maggots.?

yes, they eat anything that's dead or rotton, i have a project on them. =)

What are leeches and maggots and where do they live?

Leeches are blood sucking parasites, they are normally found in body's of fresh water. Maggots are fly larvae they can be found in rotting food or carcases ( like a dead body, maggots can be found where flys have laid eggs), an example is maggots can found in cans of raw mushrooms.

Why is maggots found in decaying food?

because maggots live in dead bodies or any where disgusting

What eats a tiger when it is dead?

A vulture. Maggots.

Where are maggots found?

Maggots are found on any decomposing body. They are found about everywhere.

Do maggots eat sweets?

Maggots do eat sugary products, especially candy. Maggots are the larvae of flies and they also eat decomposing flesh of dead bodies.

Are maggots in chocolate?

Maggots are fly larvae, and they subsist on primarily dead meat and waste. Unless maggots were introduced in the production process accidentally, there's no reason to find maggots in chocolate - they can't survive in it.

How do you know there is a maggot in your body?

Unless you ate one (in which case it would be dead) there isn't a maggot in you body. Maggots only eat dead tissue and this is why they can be soo usefull for thinks like gangreen where the eat the dead, rotten tissue but are not interested in the healthy stuff.