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If there are no flies then there will be no maggots. No flies, no eggs, no maggots.

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Q: How do maggots get into a dead body where there are no flies?
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How do maggots get into dead body where there are no flies?

Maggots are the larvae that hatch from eggs laid by flies. No flies means no maggots. If there are maggots, a fly laid eggs that hatch.

Do maggots eat dead bodies?

Yes, if flies can reach the body, they lay eggs on it and the maggots hatch and eat.

Does the body turn into maggots?

No, maggots are young flies. Flies lay eggs in the body that hatch into maggots and the maggots eat the body as they grow.

What are the first bugs on a dead body?

The first bugs on a dead body are flies and beetles. Maggots and beetle larvae are also found on a dead body.

Do maggots come from dead flies?

No, maggots hatch out of fly eggs.

Does a sterile dead body in a concealed room produce maggotts?

Maggots are produced by flies, not by dead bodies. Whether maggots would appear will depend on whether flies land on the body. If the room is merely concealed (i.e. hidden) there's nothing to stop flies getting in. If you mean a sealed, airtight room then maggots would not appear.

Will you have maggots from dead mice?

You can if flies were able to get to the carcus.

Can maggots form in a dead horse?

No. However, flies may lay their eggs in the flesh of a dead horse, and these become maggots which feed on the rotting flesh until they hatch into flies.

What makes maggots appear?

Maggots are the larval stage of flies. Female flies lay eggs which hatch into maggots, and eventually change into flies to reproduce and complete their life cycle. Flies lay their eggs on dead animals, fecal material, and other sources of food for the maggots.

When humans die where do the worms that eat them come from?

What eats human corpses are not worms, but maggots. Maggots are the offspring of flies. Dead things tend to attract flies (the stench of rotting flesh may be disgusting to us, but lovely to flies), and those flies come and eat the flesh as well as lay eggs on the decaying body. Once the eggs hatch, you get maggots, which also consume the flesh/bodily fluids of the body.

Do maggots eat sweets?

Maggots do eat sugary products, especially candy. Maggots are the larvae of flies and they also eat decomposing flesh of dead bodies.

Do all flies lay maggots?

No flies lay maggots, flies lay eggs, these eggs will hatch into maggots.

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