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What are the main vegetable to stay fit?

any vegetables you eat will help you stay fit

What are diets and how does it help in reducing weight?

Diet is a type of process that helps reduce wight, It really helps by staying healthy and fit. There are many ways to stay fit and heatlthy... You must be able to eat right, Stay fit right, Sleep more hours(8). When we all stay fit so can our diet.

How do you stay skinny forever?

Eat healthy and stay fit

Is International Economics simply an application of General Economics?

international economics & general economics By its name General Economics includes all other forms of Economics including International Economics, however the application is not simple. There are some aspects of international economics that are unique and do not fit very well into the general subject. The use of trade barriers to restrict imports or exports is perhaps the most important example, where in no other part of the internal economics of a nation are they to be seen.

What percent of athletes stay fit in offseason?

Probably all of them! It is very important to stay fit all the time for pro athletes.

In a 1 kilometer line how many people can fit?

If they stay stuck together approx. 3 000.

What should we have to keep excretory system clean?

Answer 1Lots of fiber in the diet, and exercise to stay fit. Answer 2^exercise and stay fit.

Should you get a dsi XL or a wii fit?

well, if you want to have a rather interesting way become fit or stay fit and get exercise, and you don't always want go outside, get the wii fit. If you don't mind a less interesting and less fun way to become fit or stay fit and get exercise or just not become fit or stay fit and get exercise, the dsi XL is very good for camera, recorder, and portable gaming system for going on trips.

How many calories a human needs to stay fit?

A typical person should consume 2,000 calories a day

How many abs does a normal person have?

A normal person would have a 6 - pack if they eat right and stay fit

Do dogs keep you fit?

ummm, I dont think that having a dog will keep you fit, but the things you do with your dog like playing with, or taking it for a walk may help you stay fit. So you dont really need a Dog to stay fit.

Why go to the gym?

to stay healthy and fit.. summer from nz is the best so is kelsey to stay healthy and fit.. summer from nz is the best so is kelsey

Why do Mexicans play sports?

to stay fit and healthty

How many steps should a person walk a day to stay fit?

To stay fit and healthy, 10,000 steps a day. Our bodies are designed to walk without exerting much energy. Unless you are walking at a brisk pace (4mph +) you are not going to get the least bit "fit". It also depends on what your definition of "fit" is. When I think fit in this situation I think in shape cardiovascularly. While walking 10,000 steps a day may SLOWLY lower your weight you will not become fit (in shape).

Why is pe so important?

because you have to stay healthy and fit. pe is important to helf you out in al diffrebt ways. because you have to stay healthy and fit. pe is important to helf you out in al diffrebt ways. because you have to stay healthy and fit. pe is important to helf you out in al diffrebt ways.

Why do we need fruit?

We need fruits to stay fit and healthy.

Why does everyone do PE?

Everyone does PE to stay healthy and fit

Why do you need to do sport?

we need to do sport to stay fit and healthy

Why are sports the best extra curricular?

you get exercise you stay fit

What is the importace of sport?

To stay fit and not become fat and overweight.

What are the physical benefits of baseball?

you can get good exercise and stay fit

How can you get fit in 20 days?

It is important to stay in shape and remain healthy throughout their life. A person can get more fit than they are in 20 days, by eating better, running and by doing many cardiovascular exercises.

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