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how does medical assistants use the metric system

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Do you have to be certified to work as a medical assistant or can you work with a diploma?

Up date on this question, you have to be Registered or Certified to work as a Medical Assistant now.

Can a medical assistant work in a hospital?

yes they can

Where can i find a job as a medical assistant in a jail or prison?

I am a medical assistant and i wan to work as a medical assistant in jail or prison can anyone tell me where to began and what websites to go to thank you

Can an medical assistant work in doctor offices?

Yes,in fact that were most Medical Assistants work in.

How does the metric system work?

The Metric System is a measuring system based on multiples of ten. The Metric System measures distance , weight, volume, and temperature.

Can an medical assistant work in labor and delivery?

Yes they can

What is better medical office technology or medical assistant?

Medical office technologist is someone who learns how an office runs and can work as a medical receptionist or a medical office assistant assisting the physician. A medical assistant strictly works with the doctor. Take the medical office technology course if you are trying to decide between the two. That way you can apply for positions in an office for the front or the back where the medical assistant is strictly the back part of the office. You can however start as a medical assistant to learn about the processes and system of a medical office and then proceed on to be a medical office technologist or manager. This way, you can have a good experience before you get to a tougher position.

Do I need a medical assistant license to work?

Yes, you should consider getting your license as it is currently illegal to work as a medical assistant without the proper training in the United States.

Where can a medical assistant work after they finish school?

Doctor's office

What is most difficult for you in the metric system?

the work

What is the difference between a caregiver an a medical assistant?

Medical assistants are a medical office and caregivers work at the patients home.

What are the benefits of a medical assistant job?

Medical assistant gain experiences in a medical industry. It's beneficial for students who wants to be a doctor, nurses, or any practitioners who wants to work in the medical field someday.

Can medical assistant work in jail or prison?

Yes they can. I am a CMA (AAMA) and i work in a prison.

What is so great about the metric system?

People like the metric system because it is so easy to work with because it is based on the 10s system.

How do you use certification in a sentence?

I have to obtain certification to work as a Medical Assistant.

What is the average income for medical assistants?

Answerdepending where you work at a medical assistant generally makes an adverage of $28,000 a year. AnswerThe median expected salary for a typical Medical Assistant in the United States is $28,138.

How do answer the Metric System Challenge?

paper work or the interent

What are the differences between a Administrative Medical Assistant Medical Assistants and Medical Records Clerk?

An Administrative Medical Assistant would be a well-paid secretary, perhaps to a teaching physician or a hospital administrator. A Medical Records Clerk would do clerical work, filing and pulling medical records, perhaps placing the transcribed medical records on the patient's chart, answering the phone, general clerical work, not very high paying. A medical assistant can do the functions of a medical records clerk if there is no records clerk in the office but a records clerk could not perform certain duties of a medical assistant.

Where is the best place work at as an medical assistant?

uh at a hospital or doctor's office?

Can you work as a medical assistant with a felony?

I was told you can only in a doctors office but in a hospital.

What job can you get with an associates in medical office technology?

You could work in a doctor's office as a medical assistant. You could also work in a hospital in an administrative position.

Why is it important that you understand are able to use the metric system?

All the world except for the United States uses the metric system, so if you plan to travel anywhere, you need to know the metric system. Also, all scientists use the metric system because it is much easier to work with.

Can I get training online to become a medical assistant?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do online nowadays, and becoming a medical assistant is one of them. A link to a site like should work.

Whats a common medical assistant salary?

According to, the average medical assistant salary is anywhere from $41,000-44,000. However this may change based on where you live and plan to work.

What are the job opportunities for a certified medical assistant?

For a certified medical assistant, the most common areas of work that you can find are hospitals and medical clinics. Other places that might also accept medical assistants are pharmaceutical companies and R&D labs.