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to celebrate and remember the life of a person or people who have died protecting our country. they could also show an important event in a war: such as the iwo jima memorial. It presents a public display of acknowledgement to the person/peoples life.

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memorials help people to remember those who perished in some sort of accident.

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Q: How do memorials help people?
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How many people worship war memorials?

People don't generally worship at war memorials. The memorials are used as a focus for remembering the dead and the horrors of war. The number of people who attend memorials varies greatly from country to country and memorial to memorial. It is impossible to put a figure on the number of people.

Why do you have memorials?

we have memorials to honor the people who took advantages and foughted.

What should memorials represent?

Memorials should represent leaders, people, events, and cultural history.

What do people lay at war memorials?

Wreaths of poppies.

Who or what should memorials represent women leaders people events or cultural history?

Memorials can represent people, events or cultural history. A memorial is a way to get the populace to remember the event.

Why do have memories?

we have memorials to honor the people who took advantages and foughted.

Why is a memorial important?

Memorials are important because they help the people remember a certain event that made a difference in the world and is tributes to those who lost lives during a certain event.

Why do people still see the pyramids?

Because they are memorials of great people, and tombs of them and really kool!

Were all of the people in twin towers found?

no they are though making memorials about the people that they didn't find

What are the three presidential memorials in Washington D.C.?

Memorials to presidents Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson are the three memorials. There is also a fourth memorial for Franklin Roosevelt.

How many Vietnam memorials are there in US?

See: Vietnam Veterans Memorials

When was War Memorials Trust created?

War Memorials Trust was created in 1997.