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They hibernate like bears and squirrels.

They seek out and find a warm place, like your house. This is why you see more mice in your house during the winter!

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2020-09-23 18:31:55

I see mice in my house, when itโ€™s warm! ย (The idiot next door to me, with his bird feeder, is what attracted the mice!)

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How does a coyote survive winter?

I think they dig a hole and live there for winter with a large supply of food. They survive the same they do in the summer. They grow a thick coat and feed on rabbits and mice

Do field mice hibernate?

In the winter field mice do not hibernate, but go into a torpid state. In this state they use less energy than usual, enabling them survive the food shortage.

What do mice need to survive?

things mice need to survive: food water shelter

How do koalas survive in the cold?

koala survive in the winter because they survive in the winter :)

How do flies survive the winter?

There are a number of ways that flies can survive the winter. Flies can survive winter if they have a warm places to stay.

Can sunflower seeds survive in winter?

The sunflower can't survive in the winter

Where do chipmunks survive in the winter?

Chipmunks survive in their burrows during the winter.

When do mice hibernate?

Mice do not hibernate during the winter. However, mice do store up food for the winter so they can stay in a warm place and not have to go out and collect food.

How do mice survive in the wild?

Mice usually burrow in a place that is not crowded or dangerous.

How do squirrels survive winter?

squirrles rely on there nests to survive the winter squirrles rely on there nests to survive the winter. they try to burry nuts but they forrget where they put them

Can a fig tree survive if the bark has been chewed by mice?

If a fig tree's bark has been ate off by mice then it will not beable to survive because it has nothing to survive off of.

Can mice survive a plane ride?

Well, it depends how long the journey is......... If it's up to 5 hours the mice could survive, any more than that there be little mice funerals.

What do birds do to survive winter?

What birds do to survive winter is they fly south because it is warmer.

How do oak trees survive the winter?

it does something to survive the winter

How does the octopus survive in the summer and winter?

the octopus survive in the summer and winter because it is an animal

Which animals can survive in summer and winter?

A pagwen in winter and a monark butterfly in summer

How cold can mice survive?

Mice cannot survive when long term temperatures are lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why mice will burrow and make nests out of items in the attic, basement, or garage.

Can a puppy survive in the winter snow?

It depends on the hair on it (Long,Short) Ushally they can survive in winter

How do squids survie in the winter?

how do squids survive in the winter

Do rats need air to survive?

Yes, rats and mice need oxygen to survive.

How do praying mantis survive the winter?

Praying-mantis are tropical organisms, they do not live in regions where there is a winter so they do not need to have adaptions to survive a winter.

How do some geese and swans survive the winter?

Some geese and swans survive the winter by migrating south. This means that they spend the winter in warmer climates.

Will a white bellied caique survive though winter?

A white bellied Caique can survive though winter if it can shelter its food that can last it though winter.

Can mice live in water?

Mice can survive in water for a while by swimming, just as humans can, but mice cannot live in water as fish can...they can drown.

Why do mice have big ears?

Mice have big ears because they need them to survive. Mice have very sensitive hearing to help them hear predators.

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