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Minerals help plants to grow because the plants will absorb the minerals into their roots. Certain minerals such as potassium and phosphorus will help the plants grow more leaves and increase their height.

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Q: How do minerals help plant grow?
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How does the earth help a plant grow?

By providing moisture and minerals

What do minerals help grow?

They help plant extracts to be extracted, or if you swallow them they help your immune system out :)

How does a longer root system help it grow?

hi there a longer root system helps a plant grow as they help the plant in bad weather conditions such as wind it helps because it keeps the plant bedded the bigger the root system also helps it grow as the plant can reach pockets of minerals further away from it , the minerals and vitamins which it feeds on give the plants nutrients and helps it grow

Why do plants need minerals?

Why do plants need minerals? Plants need minerals to help them grow, its not a necessary as much as light, water, and carbon dioxide but if a plant can get N-P-K nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus then your plant will increase in height and grow more leaves.

Will vitamims help string bean plants grow?

No, plants themselves actually make the vitamins and they do this from minerals present in the soil. Only minerals can help a plant to grow, they alone are the building blocks. Hope this helps. Derek Taylor

What minerals grow in the state of Georgia?

Plant ones

Why are minerals needed by a plant?

they are needed because it will help them stay alive and grow beautiful and so they stay healthy ok :)

Can dirty water help grow a plant?

dirty water can help a plant grow but it sometimes depands on what plant

What are things that a plant need to grow?

H2O and minerals Light

How does soil and water help a plant grow?

Soil and water help a plant grow because when the roots take up the water from the soil,some of it's minerals have dissolved in the water giving the plant nutrients. Water also helps the plants make food using the process photosynthesis.

Do plants grow faster in sunlight or dark?

a plant will grow faster in sunlight becuse the sunlight has its minerals that the plant will mke into food adn the dark is not light enough to produce the energy or minerals for a plant to survive offof

Does liquid fertilizer help a plant grow?

Yes, liquid fertilizer will help a plant grow well.

How do plants grow with out soil?

Soil is only a medium containing minerals which the plant needs. If a plant was provided with the minerals it needed from a liquid it would grow quite happily. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in water with the correct minerals added.

How do roots help a plant grow?

The roots carry minerals, water, and nutrients to the stem and carries it to the leaves through the xylem tissues in the stem.

Why are minerals important for photosynthesis?

minerals are so important for photosynthesis because without them the plant wouldn't grow properly or it even wont grow at all.

Will water help make a plant grow?

Yes, water will help make the plant grow because it moistens up the soil, which makes is grow. Your plant WILL NOT grow no matter what without water.

Do vitamins make you grow?

yes they do vitamins have minerals and help youu grow faster and help you not get sick

What would happen if you grow a plant with water but without minerals?

it dies :(

What do soil minerals do for plants?

Soil minerals act as nutrients for the plant. When the plant sends out roots, the roots soak up the nutrients and use them to grow. Soil minerals also do what fertilizer does.

What are minerals used for in the body?

Minerals help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy.

How did the plant get to grow in the wall?

If the wall is kept wet continuously for a long the plants will grow because there were sufficient minerals in the wall for a plant to grow and also sufficient water.

Does plant food help weed to grow?

Plant food gives nutrients to plants helping it grow, since weeds are plants, yes plant food will help it grow.

Why do flowers grow well?

they grow to help our plant

How does a plant grow or reproduce?

A plant grows by gaining the nutrients,minerals,water,etc. A plant can reproduce through fertilization.

What liquids will a plant grow from?

A plant will grow from many liquids as long as there not harmul to it , the liquid has to contain a few slight things though such as vitamins and minerals , these allow a plant to grow tall quicker and health.