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They live in communities of several individuals, though females (and more rarely, males) will sometimes travel alone or only with their nursing offspring. To protect themselves from predators, they live most of their lives in the trees and build nests each night to sleep in the trees. They will leave when faced with predators like humans. To protect themselves from other chimps, they are territorial and males usually travel together, especially near their territory boundary. Sometimes male chimps will raid a neighboring groups' territory, trying to find and sneak up on a lone male or a female with an infant. If they do, they will kill the neighboring male (it's very gruesome and slow---some chimps will hold down the other chimp and one or two chimps will rip off the victim's scrotum and bite chunks out of their limbs and face and jump up and down on the victim until it is mortally wounded. Frequently this takes many minutes or even an hour or two). If it is a female and infant, they'll kill the infant.

Chimps have large canines and are very strong, which helps them in a fight.

  1. they defend themselves by howling at each othher
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How do howler monkeys defend themselves?

Howler monkeys defend themselves with force and numbers. Even female howler monkeys defend the group in the case of an intrusion.

How do Woolly Monkeys defend themselves?


How do the capuchin monkeys defend themselves?

they run and hide

How do small monkeys defend themselves?

Monkeys defend them selves with there: Teeth by biting you or a predator! Also, some monkey have quite long nails (claws) which can scratch be aware...

How do sea monkeys defend themselves?

They can't. That's why you don't put them in a tank with fish!

How do squirrels defend themselves from predators?

squirrels defend them selfs by climbing trees just like monkeys to stay away from dogs, cats, etc.

How do Titi monkeys defend themseleves?

yo mama monkeys

How do crocodiles defend themselves?

how do crocoiles defend themselves

How do aye ayes defend themselves?

How do Lemurs defend themselves and what do they do?

How do porcupines defend themselves?

Porcupines defend themselves with their quills.

How do amphibians defend themselves?

Amphibians defend themselves, by poison.

How do dolphins defend themselves from danger?

Dolphins defend themselves with their nose.

How do seals defend themselves?

seals hide from predtors to defend themselves

How do scorpions defend themselves?

they defend themselves by their claws and there poisionist stinger

How do worms defend themselves?

They defend themselves by releasing disgusting slime when attacked.

How do cephalopods defend themselves?

They defend themselves by changing their color to match their surroundings.

How do cougars defend themselves?

Cougars can defend themselves by fighting, running, and hiding.

How do piranhas defend themselves from their predators?

They defend themselves with their speed and sharp teeth.

How do penguin defend themselves?

They defend themselves through floating on the side of the water

How do walruses defend themselves?

They defend themselves by using their tusks and "swords" and stabbing enemies with them

How do sloths defend themselves?

Sloths defend themselves with their claws.The more the claws the better.

How do mosquitoes defend themselves?

mosquitoes really can't defend themselves but, they are quite sneaky.

How did Cherokee defend themselves?

they used what they hunted with to defend themselves. (bow and arrows to guns)

How do bulls defend themselves?

To defend themselves, Bulls will charge at their attacker with there big horns.

How do zebra defend themselves?

zebras defend themselves by forming a semicircle to confuse the predator

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