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using their tube-like feet to eather blend in with an object or find a place where the predator cant fit or go in

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Q: How do most starfish escape a predator?
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Is a starfish a predator?

yes, a starfish is a predator to most fish because of their spikes and because of their rough skin..

Is a starfish a prey or a predator?

ia a starfish aprey or a predator

Is a starfish a predator or a pray?

To survive a starfish is a predator. However it can also be prey. By the way it is "prey" not "pray".

Why are sharks a predator of the starfish?

Why are cats a predator of the mouse

Is a starfish a predator or prey?


What is the predator of the starfish?

Sharks, fish and manta rays are predators of the starfish. Larger starfish also prey on and attack smaller starfish.

How does a koala escape a predator?

They spend most of their lives high in the trees where not much can get to them.

What is the oysters predator?

starfish and some marine mammals

Is starfish a predator or a prey or both?

Some starfish can be very destructive and eat corals, but the main predator that eats the starfish that eats corals is a large snail whom we hunt for the shell. Without that snail the starfish could completely destroy the reef. So they are both predators and prey.

Does a starfish eat seaweed?

A starfish is a predator that eats bivalves, sponges, and snails. Some eat decaying organic matter. Starfish do not eat seaweed.

Which monkey can swim?

Most monkeys can swim, but avoid it unless necessary to escape a predator.

How do wild pigs escape a predator?

Pigs escape a predator by Screaming really loud!!!! or hurt you really bad

Can long legs of a jackrabbit most helps it escape predators?

Yes,Because The Longer the legs,the "FASTER" it may escape from the predator.

How do starfish know when a predator is coming?

they hear them before they see them.

What are the clams predator?

Humans, raccoons, crabs, lobster, starfish.

Do coral reefs have predators?

The Coral Reefs predator is starfish.

What does a starfish eat and what eats them?

A Starfish eats Clams, Oysters, or anything too slow to escape. Crabs, Otters, and Seagulls eat Starfish.

How do walrus escape from its predator?

they run

How does a penguin escape from its predator?

Be camouflage

How do rabbit escape predator?


How do gray wolves escape or hide from danger?

Wolves are the apex predator in most of their habitat so have no animals from which they need to escape or hide.

How does a starfish avoid being eaten?

Some starfish can shed a arm to distract the predator and then re-grow the arm in a matter of weeks.

What is the predator of a starfish?

octopus ( i think ), sharks, rays, and large bony fishes

How do reef starfish protect themselves from their predator?

they put their legs over their head

Is the crown of thorns starfish a predator?

The Crown-of-thorns starfish because it eats coral. But it is also a prey because the water snail eats it