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AnswerMy MIL is a N, and she had SUCH disdain for animals. She once spent thousands of dollars on a trained German Shepherd in order for him to protect her at her business. She literally kept him locked in a closet with minimal food for a week before my husband convinced her to return him to the previous owner. She thought his existence was to live in the dark and not bother her until a robber appeared, and then she would open the closet door and he would attack. Another example: my husband had a dog when he was a child that he really loved. He got off the bus from school just in time to see his dog riding in the back seat of a car, staring at him through the window as he rode away. My poor young husband ran into the house to find out that his mother had given the dog away to seal the deal in a retail sale at her business. But when her latest boyfriend was going out of town on business, he was considering having his ex-girlfriend watch his dog. When the N found out about this possible loss of attention, she immediately said she would watch the dog and LOVED animals. A day after her boyfriend had left town, she called hubby and I to get the number for the nearest kennel. The 5 lb dog had become such an inconvenience because it had it's collar stuck in it's mouth! When we arrived, the dog was locked in a small area covered in urine. We brought it home with us and kept it until the owner came back. Easiest dog in the world. In my experience, N's don't care about anything or anyone unless they suit a purpose. They are best described as evil from head to toe. answerWhen my N lived with me, he doted on my three cats, and even took a special liking to the oldest one. He carried her everywhere and even slept with her. He used to put the cat right in the middle of us. (Now I know he did this so he wouldn't have to be so close to me, but that's another story...) When I was in the process of throwing this guy out of my house, he flew into a rage at the cats when they got in his way. I barely managed to move the cats to a safe room where he wouldn't hurt them. I was horrified that he could do that. I started to wonder if he treated the cats that way when I wasn't around.I don't believe N's have empathy for animals OR people. I believe that they may derive some Narcissistic supply even from the adoration of an animal, but that may be as far as it goes. This is just my experience.


My N ex loved his two dogs. One peed all over the house, and the other was a pain as well. His whole life revolved around those dogs. Every little thing he did revolved around the dogs eating, sleeping, even our whole summer was decided by one of his dogs trying to break down the basement door....we never slept that summer because of his dogs. We argued constantly. My cat, though, had to stay locked up in a certain part of the house. He hated cats. I heard that somewhere that they don't like cats because they can't control them.....makes sense.

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Q: How do narcissists treat animals and pets?
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