How do nimbus cloud form?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How do nimbus cloud form?
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What is the plural form for nimbus?

The plural form for nimbus (grey rain cloud) is nimbi.

What altitude does a nimbus cloud form at?

Low or medium.

What type of clouds to thunderstorms form in?

The clouds that thunderstorms from in are Nimbus clouds. Any type of Nimbus cloud can forms a thunderstorm. p.s. To divine a Nimbus cloud it is ether black or gray. But not every Nimbus cloud forms a thunderstorm only some, but keep that in mined.

Is a nimbus cloud high or low?

A nimbus cloud is a low cloud due to soft rain drops.

What are Nimbus clouds are most likely to produce?

A nimbus cloud is a cloud that produces precipitation.

Are nimbus clouds storm clouds?

Well a nimbus cloud is not a cloud. If you are referring to a cumulonimbus cloud than yes. A cumulonimbus cloud is a storm cloud. Clouds that have names that include -nimbus or nimbo- are likely to produce precipitation.

What does nimbo and nimbus mean?

Nimbus is a Latin word meaning cloud or rain storm. The prefix nimbo- or the suffix -nimbus indicates a precipitating cloud; for example, a nimbostratus cloud is a precipitating stratus cloud, and a cumulonimbus cloud is a precipitating cumulus cloud. And it starts from the bottom.

The term nimbo or nimbus added to the name of any form of cloud means?


What cloud produces thundershowers?

That would be the nimbus or cumulo nimbus.

Can you put nimbus in a sentence?

That cloud looks like a nimbus.

What is nimbus?

Nimbus is a suffix meaning 'precipitation'. When you add nimbus to a cloud's name, it usually means the cloud produces precipitation. For example, 'cumulonimbus clouds'.

What nimbo and nimbus mean?

Nimbus is a Latin word meaning cloud or rain storm. Nimbo is a prefix and nimbus is a suffix. An example would be: Nimbostratus, a precipitating cloud.