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BY THE WAT THET DO ANS SEE EM IN # steps. 1 heat 2 temp 3 wind

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How do ocean currents affect ocean water?

There are quite a few ways in which ocean currents can affect ocean water. These currents can change temperature for example.

How do ocean currents affect deserts?

Because the ocean currents blow air from the ocean currents.Wind gets blown from the ocean currents.

Does ocean currents affect the climat of Tokyo japan?

Yes ocean currents do affect japan.

When a submarine expolres the ocean bottom what type of currents affect it?

deep ocean currents.

How do ocean currents affect people?

It is easier and faster for ships to sail with the ocean currents.

How do ocean currents affect the climate of Japan?

Ocean currents greatly affect the climate of Japan. Summer months are hot and wet due to currents that blow from the Pacific Ocean. These currents are also responsible for frequent typhoons.

How does ocean life affect ocean currents?

It's more likely the other way around. Ocean currents affect ocean life. Perhaps in a subtle way, since all life on the planet affects the atmosphere, especially the algae in the oceans releasing oxygen, that ocean life affects the weather, which in turn affects the ocean currents. It's also possible that some "seaweed forests" slow the movement of currents.

How does wind affect ocean currents?


Do ocean currents affect climate?


What ocean currents affect Edmonton?

my pool =)

Do ocean currents affect Las Vegas?

Yes. Ocean currents affect world wide weather patterns, and weather affects Las Vegas.

How does the density of ocean water affect deep currents?

im thinking that the ocean water would be more heavy than the ocean currents

How does the density of water affect ocean currents and movement of water?

when water density increases, deep ocean currents form

Do ocean currents affect the climate?


How ocean currents affect a human activity?


What ocean currents affect France?

the gulf stream.

Do ocean currents affect San Diego's weather?


How do ocean currents affect the beaches?

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How do ocean currents affect Florida?

because its hot

How does differential heating affect ocean currents?

It doesn't.

How did continental drift affect temperature and precipitation patterns around the planet?

Continental drift affect temperature and precipitation patterns around the planet by changing ocean currents

How does convection affect ocean currents?

Warmer currents tend to rise, while cooler currents tend to sink.

How do ocean currents affect air temperature around the world?

Warm currents bring warm temperatures to the poles, and cold currents bring cold temperatures to the equator to become warm again.

How does climate affect Atlantic Ocean?

i think your words are flipped. You may mean "How does the Atlantic ocean affect the climate?" If that is your question, the ocean currents have a major impact on the climate of some countries because the temperature of the ocean current can affect the surrounding regions. You should look into ocean currents.

What characteristics of deep ocean currents affect their motion?

rapid tempature change is the main characteristic that effects deep ocean currents.

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